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Chapter 1321: How Will You Thank MeTranslator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Lu Heting nodded.

“Not many people can compare to her.

This is good news.”

“However, Fourth Sister also said that shell definitely be fair.” Su Bei looked a little tense.

Lu Heting understood.

“Of course.

Hua Cuo definitely didnt appear to defend my mothers innocence.

She must want to send the real murderer to prison.

Therefore, shell target the real murderer, not specifically Tian Xin or my mother.”

Su Bei nodded.

“Thats what Im worried about.

If something goes wrong with the evidence, the case will be bad for Mom…”

At that time, the stronger Hua Cuo was, the worse it would be for Han Qingwan.


“Do you think Mom did that kind of thing”

“Definitely not.

As I got to know her, I knew she certainly isnt the type of person to do something like that.

I believe in her.”

“Since you believe in her, theres no need to worry about the entire case being disadvantageous to her.

When the time comes, Hua Cuo will do her best to target Tian Xin.

If Tian Xin is guilty and convicted, Mom will naturally be fine.”

Su Bei nodded.

“Thats true.

Im just afraid theres something else going on.”

“Even if someone wants to tamper with the evidence, they have to go through me first and then Feng Ze.

Who would dare to be so bold as to risk universal condemnation and tamper with evidence”

With Lu Hetings words, Su Bei felt much more relaxed.

Lu Heting reached out and stroked her hair.

“Thank you for your help.”

“Fourth Sister was going to come anyway.

I didnt exactly help.”

“If not for you, shed focus on giving Tian Xin as harsh of a sentence as possible instead of my moms acquittal defense.”

“That makes sense! In that case, how are you going to thank me” Su Bei smiled brightly.

“How about meat” The mans Adams apple bobbed, and his voice was rich and charming.

Tian Xin had found Cao Song to be her defense lawyer, and Lu Tianqing had already prepared several drafts to be published online.

She wanted to build momentum early and turn public opinion around as soon as possible to pave the way for future victories.

Now, she could not rely on the Lu family anymore.

Lu Tianqing had to work hard with her mother.

Fortunately, Jin Changming had always been very helpful and provided a lot of resources for Lu Tianqing.

This case that everyone was paying attention to also caused a lot of discussions.

[I really didnt expect Tian Xin to be able to invite Cao Song.

Ive checked.

Cao Song is the most awesome lawyer in this area.

Hes almost one of the top big shots in the country.

Tian Xin is really awesome.]

[As expected of a woman whos slept with countless major directors and investors.

She could still hire a lawyer like that at a time like this.]

[Theres nothing going on from Lu Groups side.

But I dont think they can hire a good lawyer, right]

[The industry insiders say that in this situation, only by inviting Fu Xing over can Han Qingwan win.

Do you know who Fu Xing is Im not bragging, but hes an existence even more powerful than Cao Song.

Hell definitely make Cao Song kneel down!]

[Actually, they can hire me as well.

Whether I win or lose, I can become famous as a lawyer.


[But I heard that Fu Xing hasnt taken on a case at all.

Forget it, Han Qingwan might suffer.]

[Stop talking nonsense.

I know someone at Lu Group.

Theyve already decided on a lawyer.

Shes called Hua Cuo.]

[Whos Hua Cuo Whats her background]

[Theres no result from Baidu Is Han Qingwan giving up Or is she the murderer]

Although Hua Cuo had made a name for herself in the United States and had won many lawsuits in the country, she had only been in the country for a short period of time and was not famous.

Therefore, even Baidu did not record her information.

This time, when everyone heard her name, they expressed that they did not know her at all.

For a moment, the rumors about the case became very strange.

Some people even guessed that Han Qingwan was acting out of guilt.

Or rather, everyone in the industry knew what was going on, so they refused to defend Han Qingwan as they were afraid that it would ruin their reputations.

The matter was so noisy that even Cao Songs team was confused.

“Is Lu Group looking down on us They found an unknown lawyer to fight us”

“I think Lu Heting is just so-so.

If he looks down on us, its time to teach him a lesson!”

Under Cao Songs lead, these lawyers were outstanding and almost invincible.

They were all elites in the industry, so they didnt even take Lu Heting seriously.

Cao Song was over 60 years old.

His hair was combed meticulously and white.

He said, “If you underestimate the enemy, youll pay the price.

Its the same for Lu Heting and us.

So, everyone, do your best.”

Soon, the case would begin.

Although Cao Songs team did their best, they were no longer as cautious as before, especially when they heard that Hua Cuo was only in her 20s and had just returned from America.

On the day of the trial, there were still some lawyers muttering softly, “In her 20s We should check her legal credentials first.”

“Hahahaha, she might look very cute.”

“I wonder if she speaks the language of S Country Do we need to get her an interpreter”

Cao Song coughed, and everyone stopped talking.

Su Bei and Lu Heting appeared at the door of the trial venue in simple black clothes.

Lu Weijian followed them.

When Su Bei saw Hua Cuo, Su Bei quickly waved at her.

“Fourth Sister!”

Hua Cuo was wearing high heels, and her short hair was combed back, revealing her exquisite and full forehead.

She was dressed in a professional suit that made her look lean and elegant.

However, she was too young.

Lu Weijians eyes darkened.

“Sister Bei Bei, is this the famous elite female lawyer you mentioned Shes not even as old as me, right Its not that I dont trust her, but its difficult for anyone to associate such a young woman with a high-level elite lawyer, right If you dont believe me, look at the lawyers on Cao Songs team.

All of them are in their 40s.

The ones with the most hair still have less than half of mine.”

Hua Cuo reached out.

“Hello, Im Hua Cuo.

Im indeed not as old as you, but you should still call me Fourth Sister.”

“Why” Lu Weijian blurted out.

“Because Im your sister-in-laws fourth sister.”

Lu Weijian: “…”

Lu Weijian said, “Youre right.

I lost, Lawyer Hua!”

He still refused to call her Fourth Sister.

“Youre being kind.” Hua Cuo nodded.

“Heting, Su Bei, Ive read all the files and evidence.

Theres no problem.”

“Nonsense!” Lu Weijian didnt believe her.

“Weijian!” Lu Heting stopped Lu Weijian.

Hua Cuo said nothing.

Clutching the files, she called her assistant and quickly entered the venue.

Su Bei and Lu Heting followed her in.

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