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Chapter 1320: Sorry For The TroubleTranslator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

[Yes, we have a duty against mistresses! Otherwise, theyll be like cockroaches, increasing in number.]

[If the mistress deserves to be beaten, shouldnt the scumbag deserve it too I think the scumbag deserves to be attacked even more]

[The scumbag and the mistress both deserve to be beaten up!]


Have you forgotten about the accident Tian Xin caused Shouldnt she be pursued for the matter Shouldnt the murder be investigated first]

[I now believe that Han Qingwan is innocent.]


[I now believe that Han Qingwan is innocent 1]

[I now believe that Han Qingwan is innocent 100]

The investigation into Tian Xins crime wasnt delayed.

“At present, the suspicions surrounding Han Qingwan have been eliminated.

All the medical records show that Han Qingwan had an emotional problem at that time, and Tian Xin did know hypnosis.

Tian Xins motive for killing is sufficient and strong.

“Judging from various facts, we conclude that Han Qingwan killed Tan Qings family under Tian Xins hypnosis.

“Tian Xin is not guilty of instigation but of direct murder.

This case will be tried another day.”

Lu Weijian read the preliminary conclusion given by the police on the document.

Lu Heting listened carefully and pinched the space between his eyebrows.


Hows the preparation for the lawyer”

“Brother, thats the problem…” Lu Weijian said, “In this case, the most famous and best lawyer is Cao Song and his team.

We contacted him earlier on, but he didnt agree.

We received news that yesterday, he accepted Jin Changmings request to defend Tian Xin.”

Lu Heting closed his eyes and said thoughtfully, “Ive already expected this.

Cao Song and Jin Changming are best friends.

Cao Songs son also has connections with He Consortium.

Its reasonable for him to choose to defend Tian Xin.”

“But its a little difficult for us.

Even if we manage to protect Mom, itll be difficult for Tian Xin to be convicted.

After all, Cao Song is famous for being difficult to deal with.

Hes practically invincible in this aspect.

Also, I heard that Cao Song accepted Tian Xins defense.

The other lawyers are hesitant.

Even if they accept our case, theyve already lost psychologically,” Lu Weijian said.

There were many lawyers in Lu Group, and there were also many elites, but they were all outstanding only in finance, economics, and multinational business.

There was a huge gap between their professions and the field of law.

The elites in Cao Songs team dealt with criminal crimes, hence the people in Lu Group were naturally lacking in comparison.

“Think of something else,” Lu Heting said.

“Thats all I can do.” Lu Weijian sighed and posted on his social media.

[My almighty circle of friends, please introduce me to criminal lawyers!]

A moment later, a lot of people gave him recommendations.

In an instant, Lu Weijian received a lot of business cards on WeChat.

He took a look.

There was no lack of good ones among them.

They were more than enough to handle most cases, but they were still lacking compared to Cao Songs team.

He re-edited his WeChat status.

[The opposing lawyer is Cao Song and his team.

I hope everyone can introduce me to someone who has the strength to fight.]

Soon, there were replies.

[Sorry for the trouble.]

He no longer received any business cards from his friends.

“Is Cao Songs team that invincible Ahhh!” Lu Weijian wanted to cry.

Su Bei asked on WeChat: [Is it that difficult to find a lawyer]

[Its difficult.

Cao Song has never been defeated all these years.

He can be said to be invincible.

Im afraid that only my big brothers friend can defeat him.]

[Then why didnt Heting look for that friend]

[Sigh, its a long story.

My big brothers friend has a younger sister who always wanted to marry my big brother.

My big brother didnt agree to it and rejected her directly.

Of course, that offended her.

How can my big brother have the cheek to beg his friend for help now]

Su Bei understood.

It turned out that having too many admirers was not a good thing.

However, it was no wonder how attractive Lu Heting was.

She suddenly thought of someone.

She quickly found the persons contact number and dialed it.

Hua Cuos capable voice came from the other end.

“Little Fifth Sister, whats the matter”

“Fourth Sister, help!”

“Go ahead.”

Su Bei quickly explained what had happened.

“I see.” Hua Cuo was in a difficult position.

“Ive already taken on someone elses case, which coincides with your timing.”

“Fourth Sister, is there no other way”

“Its not impossible if you really want me to make time.

On one condition, though.”

“What condition”

“Come, I want one kiss on the left cheek.”

Su Bei laughed out loud.

“Mwacks! Not to mention one cheek, Ill give you a kiss on both of them.

Ive given you a kiss on your right cheek but I cant miss out on the left.


“Good girl.” Hua Cuos capable voice finally sounded relaxed.

“Boss has already looked for me.

We must start from the truth and not let the murderer get away with it.

So this time, Ill definitely come back.

However, Su Bei, you have to be mentally prepared.”

Su Bei was silent for a moment.

“I understand.”

Then, her joyful voice entered Hua Cuos ears.

“Ill treat you to hotpot!”

“Forget it.

I dont have a stomach as strong as Lin Yus.

Ill call you when I get back.”


After Su Bei put down the phone, she felt a little relaxed, but she was not completely at ease.

Lu Heting returned and handed his coat to the butler at the door.

He changed into slippers and walked in.

Su Bei walked toward him.

“Heting, have you found a lawyer”

“Im still looking,” Lu Heting said.

“Dont worry.

Actually, there are a lot of lawyers who want to work with us.

Its just that I dont trust them too much at the moment.”

And that friend of his was surely his last consideration.

Because he didnt want to be mixed up in personal matters on official business.

Su Bei said, “Fourth Sister agreed to help.

Its Hua Cuo.

Youve met her before.”

Lu Heting thought of that woman.

She had always been dressed in a suit.

She was clean-cut and looked a little heroic.

He had indeed seen her before.

Moreover, many people had also said that she was outstanding.

Many male lawyers in the United States were afraid of her.

Some people even jokingly called her the dagger of S Country.

She could pierce the enemys heart, which proved her reputation.

Moreover, she had obtained a lawyers license from both S Country and the United States.

The cases she took on had never been limited to the country.

Her combat ability was outstanding.

“Shes coming here to take our case” Lu Heting asked.

He knew that she was doing it on Feng Zes orders.

Feng Ze had always been brooding over his mothers matters.

This time, not only did he want to find the real culprit, but he also wanted to bring the murderer to justice.

As long as Hua Cuo appeared, she would definitely give Cao Song a fatal blow.

“Yes, shes coming.

I called her today to ask for her help, and thats when I found out Feng Ze had asked her for a favor.

Actually, I shouldve guessed.”

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