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Chapter 132: Chapter132 Took an Enormous Risk in Approaching Him

“Gun Gun, can you give the phone to your little cutie I want to talk to her.”

“No way! Do you want to take my little cutie away” Gun Gun kept his guard up.

“No one is allowed to take Bei Bei.

She only belongs to me!”

Lu Weijian sighed and replied in a humble tone, “Of course, I wont take her away.

Bei Bei only belongs to you.

But can you first give the phone to her”

“Thats better.” Gun Gun ran to Su Bei and gave his phone to her.

“Little cutie… Oh no, sister-in-law…” Lu Weijian shouted on the phone.

“Excuse me, whos this” Su Bei was taken aback by his loud voice.

It was only then that Lu Weijian remembered that Lu Heting had told him not to expose his real identity.

It seemed that Lu Heting had told Su Bei that he was his driver and a distant relative.

But he could still refer to him as his brother, right

Actually, Lu Heting and Lu Weijian were not biological brothers.

So in this regard, they didnt lie to Su Bei.

But Lu Weijian had to lie to Su Bei about Lu Hetings identity.

“Ahem! This is Lu Weijian.” He pretended to sound serious.

“Are you Su Bei”

“Hello, Mr.


Has anything happened to Heting in the company” Su Bei said hurriedly.

Lu Heting didnt look well when he left the house earlier, so she was worried that something bad might have happened in the company.

Feeling a little nervous, her grip on the dough subconsciously tightened.


Its just that he seems to be in a bad mood, and I dont know why.

Why dont you let him go home first and have a rest for a few days” Lu Weijian was actually not sure if Su Bei had the ability to solve the problem.

But since he couldnt count on Gun Gun right now, she was indeed his only hope to save them.

Su Bei didnt expect that Lu Weijian would personally call her about Lu Heting.

He was the big boss, but he was so approachable.

So she said gratefully, “Thank you so much, Mr.


Heting was in the United States these past few days to help you deal with things.

And he also had to help me with my business.

He must be really tired.

Ill ask him to come home now.”

“Great!” Lu Weijian was about to jump up.

But he immediately became serious again.

“Ahem! As the boss of the company, I also need to pay attention to the emotional state of my employees.

Besides, he is my driver.

If he is in a bad condition, my own safety is also at risk.”

“Okay, then, Ill call him now,” Su Bei said.

“No need.

You can talk to him here.

Ill just transfer the call to him.” Lu Weijian was afraid that Su Bei wouldnt call Lu Heting.

He was also worried that Su Bei wouldnt be able to persuade Lu Heting, so he had to take immediate action.

If she really couldnt do it, then he had to think of other ways.

It was his first time to have a direct conversation with Su Bei.

He had seen her at some social events before, but he had no contact with her.

Now that he heard her voice, he could say that it was sweet and clear, refreshing like a stream.

No wonder Lu Heting had waited for her for five years.

Her voice alone was worth it.

Lu Weijian sprinted to Lu Hetings office.

The office door was open, and some executives were still there, waiting for Lu Hetings verdict.

They were trembling with fear.

“Brother! Brother!” Lu Weijian said in a low voice while covering the mouthpiece of the phone.

Lu Hetings expression was cold and solemn.

At this moment, no one dared to approach him except Lu Weijian.

However, even though Lu Weijian was Lu Hetings brother, he still took an enormous risk in approaching Lu Heting.

Everyone was deeply touched when they saw him take the risk to persuade Lu Heting.


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