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Chapter 1319: MistressTranslator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Han Qingwan looked at Su Bei and smiled.

“Yes, both of you are good.

Its rare for a husband and wife to work together so well.”

“If brothers work together, theyll definitely be met with success, right” Lu Weijian hurriedly said, “I also helped my brother.”

“Yes, yes.” Han Qingwan smiled.

After leaving the Lu familys mansion, Lu Heting said to Lu Hang, “Go to the police and check how Tian Xin is doing.”

“Yes.” Lu Hang nodded.


“Brother, let me go as well.” Lu Weijian looked unsatisfied.

“Then follow Lu Hang.”

Lu Weijian quickly followed Lu Hang and got into the passenger seat.

He smiled and said, “Okay, drive, buddy!”

Su Bei watched their car drive away and said, “After this, that family of four will finally stop.”

“No matter how much trouble they cause, they wont be able to cause much of a stir.” Lu Heting nodded.

“Its just a pity that so many shareholders lost their life savings because of them.”

“It couldnt be helped.

When their company was formed, there were too many people who thought highly of them.

They didnt have the ability, but they were pretty good at bragging.”

They went home together.

Da Bao and Gun Gun were busy with their own things.

One was busy playing games, while the other was busy watching games.

Lu Heting reached out and picked Gun Gun up.

He sat at the side and watched Da Bao play games.

His expression was gentle, and his face was no longer tense.

There seemed to be a spring breeze in his eyes.

Those things just now seemed to have evoked a lot of resentment and pain from his childhood.

However, as he grew up, he dealt with those negative emotions on his own.

Now, he could give Da Bao and Gun Gun calm and peaceful fatherly love.

Tears welled up in Su Beis eyes as she watched this scene.

She ran over and lay on the mans shoulder.

Lu Heting tilted his head and pulled her over to sit with Gun Gun.

The family of four leaned neatly together.

Lu Weijian soon arrived at the police station and sent a WeChat voice message.

“Damn, Lu Yaode injured Tian Xin! Then, Lu Tianqing injured Lu Yaode.

At this moment, both father and daughter have been detained by the police.”

“What about Lu Tianci” Su Bei asked.

This family was not complete yet.

“Lu Tianci questioned Tian Xin, but he didnt hit her.

Later, he went to look for Tian Xins former manager.

Im afraid he wants to find out his background.

Ill send you the surveillance video,” Lu Weijian said.

He quickly sent the video over.

Lu Tianqing was the first to meet Tian Xin.

When the mother and daughter met, they hugged each other and cried.

Through the video, they could see Tian Xins helplessness.

With Lu Heting exposing her, she would lose her greatest support.

Not only would the Lu family no longer be her shield, but it would also become her greatest obstacle.

The mother and daughter discussed it for a long time.

They spoke very softly, so it was impossible to hear what they were saying.

After Lu Tianqing left, Lu Tianci went to see Tian Xin again.

He scolded Tian Xin.

Tian Xin tried her best to explain, but it was obviously meaningless.

When Lu Yaode came over, he repeated Lu Tiancis actions.

However, compared to Lu Tianci, he was more agitated.

When they didnt get along, he went forward and beat up Tian Xin until the police realized the situation and pulled them apart.

When Lu Yaode went out, Lu Tianqing noticed the situation and hit him again.

It was simply… a tragedy of human relationships.

After watching it for a while, Su Bei didnt want to watch it anymore.

It gave her a headache.

Lu Weijian was still reporting excitedly, “The current situation is that Lu Tianqing is rich and has a high status.

Her agent will come to bail her out soon.

In addition, the person she hit is Lu Yaode, whos still her father in name.

Hence, the police didnt make things difficult for her and let her leave.

“Lu Yaode is in a worse state.

Although his company in T Country didnt suffer any losses from the bankruptcy of Tianci Corporation, he has realized that the company has long been taken over by Tian Xin.

The profits have been transferred away by Tian Xin.

Those who can handle matters only listen to Tian Xin.

The people Lu Yaode can order around arent capable of doing anything.

“Everything he has is gone.”

“Well, he deserved it.

Just like how he betrayed his family and the company and left everyone with a mess.

He helped himself and harmed others.

Now, hes just paying for what he did back then,” Su Bei said.

“Yes, yes, yes.

I want him to go through this ordeal.

Now, theres no one to bail him out.

Its really tragic,” Lu Weijian said.

As for Lu Yaodes family of four, the news of them had already spread like wildfire.

After all, as Tian Xin and Lu Tianqing were involved, gossip involving celebrities would always spread faster than gossip about other wealthy families.

Lu Heting didnt do any public relations.

His and his mothers pain had passed, so they werent afraid of words.

As for Lu Yaode, Tian Xin, and the others They werent worthy!

Therefore, this matter quickly became a trending topic and reached the top.

There were tens of thousands of comments.

The wives of some directors and investors also came out to confirm the authenticity of this news, adding fuel to the fire.

[Damn, I didnt expect that Tian Xin is not only a murder suspect but also a mistress who destroyed someones family.

Look, shes been like this since she entered the entertainment industry.

Shes already a habitual mistress.]

[Only Lu Yaode was so stupid to take her in.

I didnt expect a rich young master to have such intelligence.]

[This makes me a little worried about Lu Hetings IQ.

What should I do]

[Previous commenter, save it.

Didnt you see that Lu Heting was the one who exposed Tian Xins misdeeds of killing people and using a bastard child to impersonate a child of the Lu familys bloodline Theres no need to doubt his strength and intelligence!]

[Thats right.

Theres no need to doubt Mr.

Lus intelligence.

Its not like inheritance is always indiscriminate.

Besides, Han Qingwans intelligence isnt low either.

Shes smart and tenacious.

Why wouldnt she be able to give birth to and educate such a good son]

[No wonder Tian Xin didnt dare to develop in S Country for so many years.

It turns out that it was part of her scheme.

If she had continued to develop here, she wouldve been exposed sooner or later, right Just like what happened this time.

Not long after she returned, she was directly exposed by the scandal.]

[Lu Tianqing too… I heard shes the daughter of the big director and investor, Jin Changming I mean, she looks a little like him.

Tian Xin is really skilled.

She actually slept with so many big directors.]

[Its not that she sleeps with many famous directors.

Its that she sleeps with many men.

The more men she sleeps with, the more chances she has to get her hands on successful men.

Do you understand the matter of probability]

[I agree with the person above.

Anyway, a mistress is utterly shameless.

We need to fight them!]

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