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Chapter 1318: My Father Is Dead.

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Han Qingwans words were powerful.

If it werent for the bad timing, Su Bei would have applauded her.

As soon as she finished thinking, Lu Weijian started clapping.

Everyone looked at Lu Weijian in unison.

Only then did Lu Weijian realize that the occasion was wrong.

He slowly lowered his hands, but he was still clapping for Han Qingwan in his mind.

Lu Yaode was ashamed.

He struggled and said, “Are you so smart that youve never been deceived Who dares to say that theyve never made a mistake”

Han Qingwan sneered.

“You were deceived for more than 20 years.

How dare you compare yourself to others Fortunately, my son didnt inherit your stupidity!”

Because most of them had the surname Lu and a small number of them were Lu Yaodes friends, they had been on his side all along.

However, Han Qingwans words made them laugh out loud.

However, the occasion was not right.

Everyone smiled and quickly stopped.

“Everyone, its true that I married into the Lu family.

It was also my intention to develop well in the Lu family back then.

However, if I have to choose between staying in the Lu family or letting Lu Yaode return to the Lu family, Ill move out immediately.”

Han Qingwans tone was firm.

Old Madam Lu immediately said, “Qingwan, theres no need for that.

It hasnt been easy for you to stay in the Lu family all these years.

Im aware of your hard work.

The Lu family will always be your home.”

At this moment, no one said anything for Lu Yaode because they couldnt bring themselves to help a stupid and smug person.


Lu Yaode placed his last hope on Lu Heting.

“Heting, youre my biological son.

You cant ignore your father, right”

Everyone looked at Lu Heting.

They all knew that he had a pivotal position in the Lu family.

As long as he spoke, this matter would be settled.

Lu Yaode also looked at his son hopefully.

This was his only son.

It was said that father and son were connected.

There would also be tacit understanding and a deep bond between them.

Lu Hetings deep eyes were dark.

He looked at Lu Yaode calmly and said softly, “My father died when I was three years old.

Who are you”

Everyone was in an uproar.

Lu Yaode looked at Lu Heting in disbelief.

Old Master Lu and Old Madam Lu knew that this would be the outcome, but when Lu Heting said this, their hearts ached.

They didnt feel sorry for Lu Yaode but for Lu Heting.

Yeah, he was abandoned by his father when he was three.

Who could understand a childs pain back then

Now, he didnt have a father and didnt need one.

Hed long since grown into an indomitable man.

I didnt need him before, and I certainly wont need him in the future.

Su Bei looked at Lu Heting.

His expression was firm, and his thin lips were pursed into a straight line.

That was the most direct expression of his rejection.

It was a habit he developed when he was a child.

Because he couldnt have a father, he wouldnt ask for him.

Because he was used to not having a father, he cultivated himself into the powerful figure he was today.

Everyone knew he could do anything, but who would feel sorry for the efforts he had to put in

Su Beis heart felt soft and slightly painful.

“Butler, get Lu Yaode out! From now on, he has nothing to do with the entire Lu Group or the Lu family!” Old Master Lu ordered.

“Dad, Dad… Im your son.

Im your biological son…”

But Lu Yaodes voice was getting farther and farther away.

The butler had already kicked him out with the help of the security guards.

Seeing that things had come to this, everyone had nothing else to say.

Old Master Lu cupped his hands at everyone and said, “Everyone, its my fault for not teaching my son well and making a fool of myself.

Such a person is not worthy to stay in the Lu family.

The Lu family will not give such a person a chance in the future.

I hope everyone can take this as an example.

I hope this is the last heartless, disloyal, unfilial, and cruel person in our Lu family! Im sorry for wasting everyones time today.

Ill treat everyone to tea next time.”

When everyone saw that Old Master Lu was so merciless toward his son, they naturally felt a little afraid and took this matter as a warning.

Soon, these people were gone.

Su Bei walked up to Lu Heting and held his hand tightly.

Lu Heting looked down at her red eyes and knew what she was worried about.

He whispered, “Im fine.”

Old Madam Lu scolded Old Master Lu, “Look at you.

I already told you not to let them come back.

Havent they caused enough trouble for Heting I was already tricked once, but you still insisted on being tricked again…”

Old Master Lu listened in silence.

Lu Weijian was in a much better mood now.

He advised, “Grandma, forget it.

You learn from your mistakes.

Anyway, we didnt let them succeed.

The enemy is very cunning.

We just have to be careful next time.”

Only then did Old Madam Lu calm down a little.

Old Master Lu coughed lightly and said, “Heting, Ive let you down this time.

I was indeed muddle-headed for a moment and thought that I could rely on myself to suppress these people.

Who knew that these people…”

He couldnt finish the sentence himself.

These people were insane.

Kidnapping, killing, threatening, bribing… They were capable of anything.

It was outrageous.

And the reason why he thought he could control everything was because of his carelessness.

“Forget it.

Its all in the past.” Lu Hetings voice was extremely light.

However, Old Master Lu felt suffocated by his words.

Lu Heting had been like this since he was young.

When he was hurt, he was very calm, but in his heart, he had already drawn a clear line with the person who hurt him.

He would rather Lu Heting be angrier than be so indifferent.

Lu Weijian smiled and tried to smooth things over.

“Anyway, its good that everythings fine.

Everyone is doing this for the Lu family.

Besides, my brother has always been wise and mighty.

He wont let the bad guys get away with it.

In fact, everyone has already seen how those people caused trouble in our house before they even returned to the family.

If they really come back to the family, they might do something else.

So lets listen to my brother in the future.”

With him livening up the atmosphere, the atmosphere was no longer so stiff.

Lu Heting nodded and said calmly, “Su Bei also helped us find a lot of information.

Otherwise, I wouldnt know that Lu Tianqing and Lu Tianci arent from the Lu family.”

Su Bei hurriedly said, “I just casually heard someone mention it and told Heting.

Actually, he was the one who planned and arranged everything so well.”

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