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Chapter 1317: The People Youve Let Down The MostTranslator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

“Fortunately, I still have Heting.

Otherwise, I really wouldnt be able to face the people of the Lu family and the hundreds of thousands of people in the entire Lu Group.” After Old Master Lu sighed, his tone turned cold as he said to Lu Yaode, “Henceforth, youre no longer a descendant of the Lu family.

Ill no longer admit that I have a son like you.

Leave as you left back then!”

When Lu Yaode heard this, he was anxious.

He had already been abandoned by everyone.

His children were not born by him, and Tian Xin was also estranged from him.

If he did not return to the Lu family, where could he go

He immediately said, “Dad, you saw it too.

I was completely kept in the dark about Lu Tianqing and Lu Tianci.

I didnt know the truth.

I was also deceived.

Im also a victim… Dad, Im your son, your biological son! You cant just watch as something bad happens to your own son!”

Lu Yaode felt both embarrassed and regretful.

These words were very sincere.

However, Old Master Lu was extremely disappointed in him.

“As a son, youve been unfilial to your parents.

As a husband, it was disloyal of you to neglect your wife and cheat on her.

As the manager of Lu Group, you abandoned countless employees and divided the company, causing a crisis for the company and the employees.

Its unrighteous.

As a father, it was unrighteous of you to abandon your son and not care about him.

As a descendant of the Lu family, its unrighteous of you to cause trouble for everyone.

Youre really not worthy of being in the Lu family!”

Old Master Lu had never criticized Lu Yaode in public before.

Lu Yaode was dumbfounded.

But this was his only chance.

If he didnt seize it, it would really be over in the future.

“Dad, I know I was wrong.

No one is perfect.

I was kept in the dark in the past and could only see what I saw.

But now that Heting has unveiled the fog in front of me, I finally know whos sincere to me.

Please give me a chance!”

Old Master Lu had no choice but to say, “I also did something wrong and caused chaos in the house.

I have no right to decide whether you can stay or not.

Only Qingwan and Heting are qualified.

And theyre also the people youve let down the most!”

When Lu Yaode heard this, hope reignited in his heart.

Yes, Lu Tianqing and Lu Tianci were nothing.

Even without those cheap children, there was still Lu Heting!

Lu Heting was his biological son.

He was not alone.

He still had a wife and children.

Lu Yaode found hope and immediately turned to Han Qingwan and Lu Heting.

He said, “Qingwan, Heting, I was wrong! I was really wrong! I was blinded for a moment and left you.

As you can see, I was deceived.

All these years, Ive been thinking about you.

Now I finally know what I should do and who I should cherish!”

He believed that Han Qingwan would definitely forgive him.

Back then, she loved him deeply and married him without hesitation.

She even gave up the idea of studying abroad and came to Lu Group to help him.

She did the boring work that she had never liked for him.


Past memories entered his mind one by one.

He thought of what Han Qingwan had done for him and her true love for him.

Even though she had a sharp tongue, she was completely soft-hearted.

Everything she did was for him.

So now, he had to woo her back.

As long as he was sincere enough, she would definitely be moved.

Lu Yaode knelt on one knee.

“Qingwan, I was really wrong.

I only know now that the person who loves me the most is you.

Youve always been the one to tolerate me and give me the most precious love.

Let me come back and accompany you!”

Everyone could not help but be moved by Lu Yaodes honesty at this moment.

Perhaps as fellow members of the Lu family, everyone was tolerant of him.

Someone even helped to persuade Han Qingwan.

“Thats right, Qingwan.

It hasnt been easy for Yaode either.

If not for Heting, he wouldnt have known that he had been deceived.”

“Its said that young couples get back together in their old age.

Your relationship when you were younger wasnt good.

Why dont you forget about those things and take care of each other now that youre older After all, we know each other well.”

Su Bei had been standing beside Han Qingwan.

The scene in front of her really shocked her.

When had men ever been able to make up for decades of hurt by simply admitting their mistakes When were they able to earn everyones forgiveness with just a mere apology

Was this really what everyone thought

How fair and just!!!

However, Han Qingwan had the final say in this matter.

Su Bei was in no position to say anything.

She could only endure it, and her face turned red.

Han Qingwan took two steps forward as everyone spoke.

She still had a polite smile on her face as she said, “He was deceived.

But wasnt it because hes stupid Why Do stupid people get special privileges”

In the past, Old Master Lu and Old Madam Lu might have been protective of Lu Yaode.

But now, they knew that no one was qualified to protect him.

He deserved all of this!

Su Bei finally didnt have to hold it in anymore because Han Qingwans words had helped her vent her anger.

It turned out that she did not need to worry about Han Qingwan.

Her mother-in-law was clear-headed.

Lu Yaodes face turned pale.

“Qingwan! Once a married couple, always a married couple.

We had feelings for each other back then…”

“Yes, we had feelings for each other back then.

But my feelings were all fed to the dogs.

Of course, your feelings were also fed to the dogs.

Youre a scumbag! What right and authority do you have to ask me to treat you like a human” Han Qingwan asked.

Lu Yaode couldnt kneel anymore.

Han Qingwans words stabbed at him.

He stood up.

Han Qingwan continued, “Human rights and obligations are equal.

Its the same for the rights of husband and wife or father and son.

Heting and I didnt tell you about how hard it was for us to get here.

However, not telling you about our pain doesnt mean that we didnt experience it.

“At that time, Heting was still young.

He needed his father, but his father abandoned him.

Not only did he have to face such a life, but he also had to face the damage caused by the collapse of Lu Group when his father left.

“Now that hes all better and youre old, youre asking to come back and let Heting retire Lu Yaode, isnt this too unreasonable You only needed to produce one sperm and you want your son to be filial to you You want him to retire for you and clean up the aftermath for you Youre even hoping to receive his filial piety in the future”

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