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Chapter 1316: Trash That Sow Discord Between Father And SonTranslator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

“In order to give birth to a son, Tian Xin worked hard to get pregnant so that she could achieve her goal as soon as possible,” the former manager said.

“Im sure Mr.

Lu knows about this, right”

Lu Yaode naturally knew this.

After all, Tian Xin had always said that she wanted to give birth to another son for him.

He was happy to cooperate.

However, Lu Yaode did not know what Tian Xin was really thinking.

Seeing that he didnt deny it, the former manager continued, “She tried hard to get pregnant.

Of course, she got pregnant twice.

However, every time she was pregnant for a certain period of time, she would immediately go for a check-up to see if it was a daughter or a son.

It was just that the results of those two tests werent what she wanted.

The results were always a daughter.

“Tian Xin had already given birth to Lu Tianqing.

She already had a daughter.

Another daughter was useless to her.

Therefore, when the test results showed that it was a daughter, Tian Xin didnt hesitate to abort the child.”

When everyone heard this, they felt that Tian Xin was really ruthless.

In order to stabilize her status, she even got abortions.

Lu Yaode was also shocked.

Clearly, what he was hearing now about Tian Xins pregnancies and miscarriages were different from what he knew.

Back then, Tian Xin had gotten pregnant twice in a row and lost the babies.

All he knew was that Tian Xins body was weak, and it was easy for her to miscarry.

Hence, he only felt heartache and not suspicion.

“After she aborted those two babies, she never got pregnant again.

However, she was afraid that you would go back to Han Qingwan and Lu Heting, so she prioritized getting pregnant again.

“However, the doctor had bad news and said that her two abortions had already hurt her body greatly and she wouldnt get pregnant again.

There was no choice, so Tian Xin made a decision.

She faked her pregnancy! However, she could never give birth like that, so she had to find a child.

Moreover, it had to be a boy.

“However, it was not easy to find a new and healthy baby boy.

She could not find one and forced me to go to the hospital to ask if there were any boys.

She even asked me to steal one back.


“I was forced to do it.

I went to the hospital and found a pregnant woman without family to take care of her.

I took her child away.

That child is Lu Tianci.”

Everyone fell silent when the former manager finished speaking.

Lu Tianci stood rooted to the ground.

He had never thought that his mother, who had always doted on him, was actually the real murderer who caused his family to be destroyed! She caused his mother to get a divorce and go crazy…

It turned out that her love for him was not for him but merely for her own status.

How ridiculous!

He felt as though his world had collapsed.

His hands and feet went cold as he stood rooted to the spot.

“Impossible! Impossible! Impossible!” Lu Yaode muttered.

It wasnt so much that he didnt want to believe that Tian Xin had done all this.

It was more that he wasnt willing to admit his failure.

He was unwilling to admit that from beginning to end, everything he had done was a joke.

Everything he did amounted to nothing.

He backed away and pointed at the former manager.

“No way.

Youre lying!”

“I know that theres no evidence.

So today, I brought Lu Tiancis birth certificate from back then that shows his mothers blood type.

I also brought Tian Xins abortion report at the time and the maternity examination report that deemed her to be infertile.”

The butler stepped forward, took the report, and handed it to Old Master Lu.

Old Master Lu saw the report of the two baby girls that Tian Xin had apparentlymiscarried.

It showed that the children were healthy.

He couldnt help but be moved.

“Shes really vicious! They were two innocent children!”

When everyone heard this, their thoughts were similar to Old Master Lus.

The former manager smiled ruefully.

“Ive also ruined my life because of this and have been living incognito.

I have no need to lie to you about this.

Its just that Tianci…”

There was love in the managers eyes, but also guilt and self-reproach.

“Tianci, Im sorry.

Im sorry I got you into this.

If I hadnt carried you away, you would have lived in an ordinary but loving family.

You would have lived a life where you didnt have to take on so much.”

Lu Tianci avoided him.

“Shut up!”

Lu Yaode seemed to be enlightened and said, “Yes, shut up! Youre just trash that Lu Heting found to drive a wedge between us father and son! Tianci, come over and call Grandpa.

Let Grandpa arrange for us to be listed in the genealogy.

Well acknowledge our ancestors.”

Everyone looked at them as if they were watching a show.

At this moment, no one questioned the former manager anymore.

They were all thinking that Tian Xin was really ruthless.

They looked at the father and son and felt that things were unpredictable.

Back then, Lu Yaode didnt know any better, abandoned his wife and son, and was disregarded by everyone.

He did all those things for such a woman.

In the end, everything went to waste.

He deserved it.

“Dad, let Tianci and I be listed on the genealogy.

Tianci and I are back now!” Lu Yaode grabbed Old Master Lus hand and said.

Old Master Lu sighed repeatedly.

Fortunately, Lu Heting had exposed the true situation of this family today.

Otherwise, it would have been a great humiliation to record them in the Lu familys genealogy.

And Lu Yaode still had the cheek to continue fooling around.

Lu Tianci shook off Lu Yaodes hand.

He had always been a cunning person, but he was hot-blooded, after all.

At this moment, he really could not accept this farce anymore.

He said, “Since Im not from the Lu family, theres no need for me to stay here and accept your pity! Whats so great about the Lu family The Lu family isnt the only one in this world!”

He turned to go.

Lu Yaode pulled him back.

“Tianci! Youre a member of the Lu family.

Youre the son of the Lu family.

The Lu family is mine, and its yours! You cant leave!”

Lu Tianci was already awake.

Perhaps only Lu Yaode refused to wake up.

He said, “Didnt you hear Didnt you see the evidence Whats the use of staying Do you want to leave only after being humiliated even more”

Lu Yaode looked at the unfamiliar and disobedient young man in front of him and could not accept reality for a moment.

Lu Tianci shook off his hand and strode out, staggering.

Lu Yaodes eyes were dull as he watched Lu Tianci disappear before his eyes.

Old Master Lu said, “Since the facts have been investigated, Yaode, those two children are no longer able to enter the Lu family, nor are they qualified to have their names listed in the Lu familys genealogy.

As for you… Ive always thought that I was superior to others because I was powerful and talented.

However, I didnt educate my son well.

Its my fault.

Its all my fault!”

When everyone heard his words, they could not help but feel flustered.

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