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Chapter 1315: Giving Birth To A Son To Secure His StatusTranslator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

The nurse said, “It was a boy.

Because I lost the child, the pregnant woman caused a scene at the hospital.

The hospitals reputation was greatly affected.

I was also fired from public office and my qualifications as a nurse were revoked.

From then on, I could no longer do any related work.

Later, I could only do some cleaning and cooking work.”

She looked calm at the mention of what had happened back then, but who was to say that it hadnt affected her much It had changed her life.

Lu Yaode said, “What does this have to do with us”

Lu Hang continued to ask, “Then do you know how the child was lost”

“Im not too sure.

At that time, the hospital and the family had settled matters in private, so the family didnt call the police.

Someone saw a man come and secretly take the child away, but surveillance wasnt advanced at that time.

We werent sure, so we couldnt determine anything.”

“What happened to the pregnant woman after that” Lu Hang asked.

“The family got compensation from the hospital and left quickly.

But only the pregnant woman refused to leave and kept searching around the hospital.

Later, she went crazy and wandered around the hospital every day.

I heard that her husband divorced her too.” The nurse looked guilty as she said this.

“It was my fault for not doing my job well…”

Tears welled up in her cloudy eyes.

They were filled with shame for what had happened back then.

“What are you trying to say” Lu Yaode questioned the nurse, then turned to Lu Heting.

“What are you trying to say You found someone to tell me a story and conclude that my son doesnt belong to me, huh”

“Lu Hang, let Tian Xins former manager in.”

“Ex-manager Didnt her ex-manager die in a car accident Why are you still pretending to be a god” Lu Yaode asked.

Soon, Tian Xins former manager came out.

He was now a gray-haired old man.

Lu Yaode still remembered what Tian Xins ex-manager looked like.

He immediately recognized that he was not a fake.


Han Qingwan nodded gently.

She knew this former manager too.

Lu Heting said, “In the few days when the child was lost in the hospital, you appeared a few times.

According to the investigation, you werent married back then, nor did you have friends who gave birth to children.

Tian Xin was even staying in a private hospital during that time.

Why did you go to a womens and childrens health hospital”

“I was asked by Tian Xin to go to the maternity and child care center and take a boy away.”

“Who was the child”

“Its Lu Tianci!” the former manager said without hesitation.

When Lu Tianci heard this, he did not believe it at all.

“Impossible! How could I be the child of another Im the child of my mother and father! Youre too ridiculous!

“Youve been hiding outside for so many years, and you didnt get into a car accident at all.

Did you come here just to stab me in the back at a time like this” Lu Yaode didnt believe it at all even though he had just witnessed what happened to Lu Tianqing.

But the more he was slapped in the face, the more he had to maintain his dignity.

The former manager said in a low voice, “No matter what you say, its confirmed that I took someone elses child and gave it to Tian Xin to be her son.

Back then, Tian Xin wasnt pregnant at all.

Only she and I know about this.

Every time we faced the doctor, we tried our best to fool him.

“In addition, the standards of prenatal examinations at that time were not high.

We only had a few prenatal examinations, so no one else knew about this.”

“Youre lying! I slept with Tian Xin.

How could I not know”

“You two did share the same bed, but dont forget that Tian Xin is an actress.

Not only does she know how to act, but she also knows how to make props.

Shes more than skilled enough to deceive you! She instructed me to lie to you, and she also instructed me to steal the child.

These things bound me to her bit by bit.

I couldnt refuse, and I didnt know how to.

She said that as long as I dared to expose her matters, shed never let me off!

“Shes a star, and youre her husband.

How could I refuse I had no choice but to do as she said.”

The former manager was filled with righteous indignation.

She looked both regretful and guilty.

“How many times have I wanted to return that child But at that time, a large number of nannies and caregivers were watching over the child.

I didnt have a chance.

“I couldnt stand the condemnation of my conscience, and I was afraid that heaven would let me continue to do bad things.

Once, when I got into a car accident, I thought that I might as well pretend I was dead and never go back.

That way, I could get rid of all this.

Thats why I didnt die.

I didnt want to die, but I had todie.”

When Lu Tianci heard these words, he was about to break down.

If it werent for Lu Tianqing, he could still try his best to reject these stories.

However, after what had happened to Lu Tianqing, it already verified the authenticity of these stories.

He really had no reason or excuse to refute.

His eyes were red, and his fingers were beginning to tremble.

Lu Yaode was still holding on.

“Impossible! Impossible! Thats impossible!”

Old Master Lu and Old Madam Lu shook their heads secretly.

Everyone was already immersed in the story.

They knew that the authenticity of this story was probably indisputable.

The former manager said, “It doesnt matter if you dont believe me.

Ive already sent Lu Tiancis crazy mother to a sanatorium and asked the nurse to take good care of her.

I owe her far more than that.

But I dont have the ability to pay her back anymore.

Lu Tianci, go find your mother or do a new DNA test with Lu Yaode.

The truth will be revealed!”

Lu Yaode refused crazily.

“Impossible! Tian Xin cant have lied to me again! At that time, I touched the fetus in her stomach! This is impossible! Lu Heting hired you to make up a story, right”

The former manager looked at his expression and said calmly, “Everything I said is the truth.

I said it with a clear conscience.

Besides, Tian Xin cant have children anymore.

How could she have gotten pregnant then”

“Why cant she have children She gave birth to Tianqing.

Why couldnt she have given birth to Tianci” Lu Yaode asked.

“Thats because after she gave birth to Lu Tianqing, she was always worried that her relationship with you wasnt stable.

After all, Han Qingwan had already given birth to Lu Heting.

To a rich family who valued their children, Lu Tianqing alone wasnt enough to ensure her stable status.

Besides, Lu Tianqing isnt of the Lu familys bloodline.

“So, she tried everything to give birth to a boy to establish her position!”

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