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Chapter 1314: If Youre Weak, Does That Make You PowerfulTranslator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Lu Tianqing covered her burning face and said, “My mother had a lot of choices too.

Did you think it was easy for her to survive in the entertainment industry back then Shes not like Han Qingwan and Tan Qing.

They had good family backgrounds and people to support them.

She could only rely on herself.

Shes a weak woman.

What could she have done”

“How funny.

Is being weak the reason she made a mistake Does being weak give her the right to destroy other peoples families and be a third wheeler” Lu Weijian mocked.

“Ants are so weak.

They know how to find food for themselves.

Do you think youre in the right if youre weak Besides, is your mother weak How did she scheme against her best friends If shes weak, whos the strong”

Lu Tianqing said angrily, “Youre not from the Lu family.

What right do you have to spout nonsense here”

Lu Weijian smiled and said, “I have the Lu familys bloodline, after all.

Dont you know that my mother is from the Lu family You, on the other hand, are a bastard child.

How dare you act pitiful here Oh, I know.

Perhaps its because youre more shameless than others, so you have the cheek to come to the Lu family and demand to be in the genealogy!”

Lu Tianqing wanted to argue, but she found the wrong person.

Lu Heting was used to pointing out the problem directly, but Lu Weijian just said whatever he could.

He would scold her until she bled.

“At least I know who my parents are and who I am.

Im not like a certain someone who dares to talk about their identity in public.

But it makes sense.

You have fans.

As long as you act pitiful and post beautiful photos that have been excessively photoshopped, a bunch of people will help you scold your enemies back.

I dont have fans.

No one will help me clean up the mess.

Im so afraid.”

Lu Weijians words made Lu Tianqing lose face, but Lu Yaode was even more embarrassed.

Tian Xin had always been very gentle.

She would follow his wishes and serve him well.

He had thought that since she was so devoted to him, he could not let her down.

Unexpectedly, her gentleness was for everyone.

He was just a joke.

Old Master Lu was experienced.

The scene in front of him had made him understand a lot.

He didnt comment and said, “Butler, please ask Lu Tianqing to leave.”

“Miss Lu, this way please,” the butler said.

For a moment, Lu Tianci could not accept this fact.

Even so, he could only watch as Lu Tianqing left.


Lu Yaode glared at Lu Tianqing with hatred.

The daughter he had carefully nurtured for so many years was not his biological daughter.

The feeling of his heart being torn was really too uncomfortable.

At the moment, he still had to protect his son and could not lose his composure.

He would deal with Lu Tianqing later.

He looked at Lu Tianci in relief.

When he thought about how each of their childrens names had the wordTian in it, he realized that it was the most authentic evidence of their love for each other.

They had practically witnessed the love between them for the past 20 years.

Now, it seemed extremely ironic.

Fortunately, there was still his son.

At least, Tian Xin hadnt lied to him about their son yet.

From the surrounding discussions, it was clear everyone thought of Lu Yaode as a joke.

Due to Old Master Lus presence, everyone was restraining themselves.

However, when Lu Yaode heard the discussions, his face still burned as if he had just slapped himself.

He tried his best to listen and not look at Han Qingwan.

He avoided Lu Hetings gaze and said to Old Master Lu, “Dad, I really didnt know about Tianqing.

I didnt think it would be like this.

Forgive me for not noticing and letting someone take advantage of the situation.

But no matter what, Tianci is my son.

Theres no need to change what happened today because of a small episode.”

Old Master Lu said, “Since Lu Tianqing doesnt have the Lu familys bloodline, shes excluded.”

“Of course.”

Old Master Lu picked up Lu Tiancis DNA test report and pondered.

Lu Yaode said, “Dad, do you have any questions Theres nothing wrong with Tiancis report.”

He firmly believed this.

If Lu Tiancis DNA was also problematic, Lu Heting would have pointed it out just now.

Moreover, even if Tian Xin had made a mistake, he was certain she did not make another mistake after following him to T Country.

There would be no problem with this son of his.

As long as Tian Xin changed, he could still live with her.

After all, in his eyes, a son was still more important than a daughter.

A son could inherit his bloodline.

Thinking of this, Lu Yaode regained some confidence.

A daughter was nothing.

As long as his son was around, everything would be fine!

“This DNA… Dr.

He, whats the result of this” Old Master Lu asked Dr.



He said slowly, “Im sorry, Old Master.

I was too focused on my sons situation at that time.

Lu Tiancis report was given to Lu Tianqing to handle.

Im really sorry.

She had asked for it at the time, so I gave it to her.

I thought that since the first report was negative, then the second one would be too… I didnt see Lu Tiancis DNA report for myself.”

Lu Yaode said coldly, “Youre really Lu Hetings lackey! You only speak for him! Cant I recognize my own son Look at his eyes.

If he doesnt look like me, does he look like someone else, then”


He felt guilty and lowered his head in silence.

However, this guilt was for the Lu family and Lu Heting, not Lu Yaode.

Old Master Lu said, “Since this report cant be confirmed, today—”

“Dad! Dr.

He said that on purpose to disrupt todays ceremony.

Dont be influenced,” Lu Yaode said hurriedly.

“Heting, what do you think” Old Master Lu asked.

Lu Heting said, “I think Lu Tianci isnt from the Lu family either.”

Lu Yaode said angrily, “Lu Heting! Is what you think always right”

“What I think might not be completely right.

So, Lu Hang, has it arrived”

“Yes, Mr.


Lu Yaode and Lu Tianci looked at each other.

Lu Hetings confident appearance looked so terrifying and hateful in their eyes.

Lu Yaode had never taken his son seriously, but he could not ignore the pressure this son brought.

Soon, a woman in her 60s was brought over.

Her face was wrinkled, and the calluses on her fingers and tanned skin showed that she was a working woman.

She looked around, a little afraid.

Lu Hang said, “Tell me about what happened back then.”

“Back then, I was a nurse in the maternity and child care center.

One year… a child was lost in the hospital.

It was the delivery room I was looking after.

It was a pregnant woman who came alone to give birth.

She had no family to accompany her.”

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