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Chapter 1313: Who Doesnt Know How To Talk NonsenseTranslator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

She shouted at Dr.

He, “Its a pity that what you make up will never become the truth.

If all of you choose to believe this, then Ill have nothing to say.”

Lu Yaode was also extremely angry.

“Dad, are you not going to care about how Heting does things”

“Lu Yaode, you dont have to use Grandpa to suppress me.” Lu Hetings voice was domineering, and there was a faint sneer on his noble face.

“Lu Tianqing isnt your daughter.


He isnt the only evidence.

Shes the daughter of the famous director and investor, Jin Mingchang.”

“You!” Lu Yaode didnt believe him at all.

He was so angry that he pointed at Lu Heting and couldnt speak.

At this moment, the mask on Lu Tianqings face was completely torn off, and her expression was no longer calm.

“Ive already checked.

Back then, Tian Xin had numerous affairs with many directors and investors when she was still with you.

Many of these mens wives are in the loop about it.

Its just that back then, information was not developed, and the scandals didnt spread.

As these women were the wives of directors and investors, most of them held back and kept quiet.”

“Youre spouting nonsense! Youre slandering us! Youre spouting nonsense!” Lu Yaodes face was ashen.

The mocking smile on Lu Hetings lips widened slightly.

“Do you think I could bribe so many peoples wives to commit perjury for me Why do you think so many wives of directors and investors gave their sincere blessings when you got married Did they really wish you well No, they were just glad that someone had finally taken over the reins.

At least their husbands could have some peace.”

Lu Yaode was so angry that he wanted to hit Lu Heting.

However, how could Lu Hetings bodyguards let him get close

“Yes, you shouldnt be too certain.

After all, in order to avoid getting into scandals, Tian Xin encouraged you to go to T Country to develop.

The people in T Country dont know her dark history, so naturally, no one told you.

Now, more than 20 years have passed.

Everyone has seen that you even have children now, so naturally, no one would mention this in public.

Its perfect, isnt it”

Lu Yaode refused to listen because this was impossible.

Tian Xin was kind, gentle, and generous.

She was devoted to him.

How could she do such a thing


He would never doubt Tian Xins sincerity or question his charm.

Lu Yaode had never doubted her, so Tian Xin must have never done such a thing!

He said angrily, “Wheres your evidence Who cant make things up”

“Lu Hang, give him the evidence!”

Lu Hang quickly took out a pile of photos and placed them in front of Lu Yaode.

After Su Bei met Director Gaos wife, Mrs.

Gao, that day, Lu Heting asked Lu Hang to ask Mrs.

Gao for these photos.


Gao helped look for a few other women whose families were destroyed by Tian Xin and gave them all the evidence from back then.

These women actually didnt want to keep the photos from back then.

However, what Tian Xin had done was too infuriating, so some of them kept the photos in their hands.

They planned to join forces and announce it to the media if Tian Xin committed another crime.

However, Tian Xin had not been in the country all these years.

After she returned to the country, she did not do what she did back then.

She was also respected by Lu Yaode, so these women did not do anything to her.

Lu Hang took out the photos and placed them in front of Lu Yaode.

In the photos, Tian Xin was with different men.

Their positions were intimate.

It was obvious what had happened.

Even though they were all old photos, the intimacy in them did not fade with time.

Everyone couldnt help but burst into an uproar.

They didnt expect Tian Xin, who had always been pure and innocent, to be such a person.

The older generation had a good impression of her, but who knew that she was a spoiled child!

Lu Tianqing shook her head.

“Dad, this is all Lu Hetings slander.

The photos are all photoshopped.

Besides, Mom suffered a lot in the entertainment industry back then.

Its hard to guarantee that it wasnt the wives of these directors who were suspicious and deliberately said bad things about her.

Think about it.

Mom is already in her 50s, but she still maintains her good looks.

Those women are already old.

How can they not hate Mom

“Besides, Mom told me many times that youre her true love.

She didnt hesitate to quit the film industry to be with you.

How could she have done such a thing”

“Yes, shes impossible!” Lu Yaode said.

“Han Qingwan, you gave these photos to your son.

How pathetic!”

“Lu Tianqing, dont you acknowledge that youre Jin Changmings daughter” Lu Heting asked coldly when he saw the hypocritical behavior of the father and daughter.

“Of course.

I dont know Jin Changming at all! This is all a scheme you and your mother cooked up!”

Lu Hang took out two things and handed them to Lu Heting.

Lu Heting raised the information in his hand and said, “Director Gao immediately chose you to be the female lead for his newest project and Jin Changming was the one who invested in it.”

“What does that prove I have good acting skills and looks.

Cant I play the female lead”

“Then, the place where Dr.

Hes son was held previously was Jin Changmings private villa.

Dont you know that”

Lu Tianqing sneered.

“This means that I have nothing to do with Jin Changming.

I dont know anything about Dr.

He and Jin Changming!”

“Very well.” Lu Heting nodded.

“Then, did Jin Changming transfer three billion yuan to your private account to help you rebuild your career I wonder if your husband would rather believe that youre Jin Changmings daughter or that youre in a relationship with him”

“You!” Lu Tianqing was thunderstruck!

She didnt expect Lu Heting to find out about this.

As long as she made a mistake, Lu Heting would uproot everything behind her.

It was just that Lu Heting hadnt found that flaw before.

Lu Tianqing cared a lot about her husband, He Yuan.

How could she let him misunderstand that she had a personal relationship with the investor

If she had to choose, she would rather acknowledge Jin Changming as her father.

Lu Yaode faced the evidence and looked at Lu Tianqings expression.

He remembered that after the DNA test at the hospital that day, Lu Tianqing had rushed out again.

He seemed to understand something in his heart.

He mustered his strength and slapped Lu Tianqings face angrily!

The daughter he had doted on for more than 20 years was actually not his biological daughter! Both Tian Xin and Lu Tianqing knew the truth and only he was kept in the dark!

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