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Chapter 1312: Humans Can Lie, But Machines DontTranslator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

“Im afraid this matter cant be put aside.” Lu Heting took a step forward.

His calm tone was filled with strong confidence and an irresistible deterrence.

Lu Yaode controlled his temper.

“Heting, can you wait until were done”

“Grandpa, Lu Tianqing cant acknowledge her ancestors and enter the genealogy,” Lu Heting opened his eyes and said indifferently, but his words were earth-shattering.

“What Whats going on” Everyone was surprised.

Lu Tianqing dug her nails into her palms and asked calmly, “Mr.

Lu, we respect your status and have always been polite to you.

But youre always against us siblings.

This doesnt suit your status, right I know youve always been brooding over the incident regarding our mother.

However, that was a matter of the previous generation.

Can we put aside those prejudices”

Her words were reasonable, guiding everyone to think that Lu Heting was interfering because of his personal feelings.

Lu Heting didnt waste his breath on her and said, “Lu Hang, bring the person over.”

Lu Tianqings nails tightened.

Lu Hang walked over with a person.


He” Everyone recognized that the person Lu Hang had brought was Dr.



He was a doctor that the Lu family trusted very much.

He had worked for the Lu family for a long time, so no one understood what this meant.


He lowered his head, looking completely devoid of his usual confidence.

He looked at the ground in shame, not daring to look up.

When Old Master Lu saw this, he seemed to have guessed something.

He clenched the genealogy tightly and waited for Lu Heting to speak.


Lu Heting said, “Dr.

He, why dont you tell everyone”


He stammered.

Lu Tianqing glared at him, but he suddenly raised his head and said loudly, “Lu Tianqing is not of the Lu familys bloodline.

The DNA we found at that time clearly showed this.

I was afraid of making a mistake, so I repeatedly checked.

The results showed that shes not Lu Yaodes daughter at all!”

“Nonsense!” Lu Tianqing stopped him.


He, I know youre on good terms with Mr.

Lu and youve always been taken care of by him.

But a medical examination is not childs play.

You cant casually slander me and my mother because of your personal feelings and family interests! Youre really too much! Youd better think about what youre doing!”

“I… Ive already thought everything through! At that time, I followed the old mans arrangements and carried out the reports.

You were the one who suddenly returned and told me to make the report meet your requirements.

You even said that you would give me a large sum of money…”

Lu Yaode was furious and rushed over to beat him up.

“Do you still have any medical ethics You do whatever Lu Heting wants you to do and say whatever he wants you to say.

Youre simply not worthy of being a doctor!”

He didnt believe Dr.

He at all.

Lu Hang protected Dr.

He and pushed Lu Yaode away.

Lu Tianci supported Lu Yaode and said angrily, “I thought Mr.

Lu was an amazing person.

It turns out that all his abilities and tricks are just rumors.

When hes in trouble, he only knows how to use such sinister schemes to sow discord! Grandpa and everyone else here, dont tell me youll believe such words”

Everyone was talking.

Old Master Lu shouted, “Old He, tell me! Whats going on!”

“Old Master, Im really not lying.

The current test report was really given according to Lu Tianqings request.

In fact, she and Lu Yaode are not father and daughter at all.

Perhaps people can lie, but the testing machine will never lie!” Dr.

He tried his best to distinguish.

“Nonsense! You were the one who took Lu Hetings money to deliberately slander us,” Lu Tianci scolded.


He swore to the heavens.

“If I had accepted Mr.

Lus money and Im deliberately slandering you, Ill die a horrible death! Previously, when Lu Tianqing came to me and asked me to change the test report for her, she gave me a million yuan in one go.

She even said that she would put it in my overseas account and no one would find out.

“After serving the Lu family for so many years, how could I betray the Lu family for this little bit of money However, not long after, I realized that my seriously ill son, who was waiting for a kidney transplant, was in the hospital.

Lu Tianqing appeared again and told me that as long as I agreed to give her the test report, she could give my son a complete and compatible kidney source.

“That was what tempted me.

My son is only 18 years old, but hes in the hospital because of a kidney disease.

Even though Im not short of money, I was never able to find him a suitable kidney source.

“As a father, how could I ignore my son Because of this, I agreed to Lu Tianqings request and made a fake report for her.”

It was no secret that Dr.

Hes son was sick.

Now that he had said it, everyone believed him a little more.

Lu Tianqings expression changed slightly.


He, youre a doctor.

You actually made up so many stories just to slander me! You even used your own son! Im really speechless!”

“You have nothing to say because youre in the wrong! What I said is true!” Dr.

He said loudly.

“If it werent for my son, I wouldnt have… I wouldnt have been muddle-headed and made a huge mistake.

Im ashamed of my profession and the oath I made when I entered the hospital.”

“Alright, I know this is all Lu Hetings way of spreading rumors about me.

He doesnt want me to enter the Lu family.

I really admire you.

You can think of anything,” Lu Tianqing said innocently.

Old Master Lu asked, “Since youve already promised Lu Tianqing, why did you go back on your word now”

“Im sorry, Old Master.

I promised her before, but she kept holding my son captive.

My son has to take medicine and go for hemodialysis every day.

Im really worried about him.

It was Mr.

Lu who appeared and told me that he would help me look for my son.

And just before I came, Mr.

Lu appeared.

Not only did he send my son back safely, but he also told me that he has helped me find a kidney source.

“Im sorry, Mr.


Im sorry, Im really sorry.

I was stupid to have done such a thing.” Dr.

He was agitated.

He walked up to Lu Heting and bowed heavily.


Lu, thank you for helping my son.

No matter what, I cant make up for my mistake.

In the future, Ill be at your disposal.”

When Lu Tianqing heard that Dr.

Hes son had been brought back, a trace of panic flashed across her heart, but her expression did not change.

She said, “It seems that this story was arranged by Lu Heting from beginning to end.

Its really exciting.

Even I cant help but clap my hands.”

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