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Chapter 1311: A Good SonTranslator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Seeing his father suffer, Lu Tianci was so angry that his lungs were about to explode.

Lu Tianqing pulled him back.

“Dont interfere.”

“Lu Heting is too much!” Lu Tianci had always admired his father, but his father was treated like this by Lu Heting!

How could he take this lying down

“Mom said that its important to return to the Lu family first.

Otherwise, therell be a lot of trouble in the future.” Lu Tianqing stopped him.

Lu Tianci could only give up for the time being, but he was very upset with Lu Heting.

They were both grandchildren of the Lu family.

Why should he be high and mighty while he had to suffer all kinds of hardships Did he even need to get permission to return to the Lu family


The venom in his eyes lingered.

“The old man is here!” someone shouted.

Everyone looked up the stairs, but Old Madam Lu was so angry that she did not want to look at him.

Old Master Lu was still hale and hearty.

The custom-made suit made him look even more dignified and upright.

He walked slowly from the second floor to the hall.

Lu Yaode was delighted.


“Grandpa,” Lu Tianci and Lu Tianqing greeted him at the same time.

Old Master Lu walked into the hall and swept his gaze over everyone.

He spoke slowly, his voice steady and strong, “Everyone, Im sure everyone knows whats going on.

My unfilial son, Lu Yaode, left the Lu family in his early years and was removed from the genealogy.

Now, hes repented and wants to return to the family.”

They all nodded.

“At first, I didnt agree.

However, the Lu familys bloodline is ultimately the Lu familys bloodline.

If they wander outside, itll be a disgrace to the entire family.

Therefore, I agreed to let them return.”

Everyone nodded in agreement.

The Lu family was a big family.

As members of the family, they naturally had to obtain their rightful identities.

Otherwise, everyone would lose face.

Old Master Lu continued, “I invited everyone here today to be witnesses.

I want Lu Yaode to bring his children to acknowledge their ancestors and enter the Lu familys genealogy.”

One of the elders asked, “To enter the Lu familys genealogy, one has to have the bloodline of the Lu family.

Old Master, has the matter been made clear”

Old Master Lu waved his hand, and the butler brought over two documents.

He handed them to the elder who had asked the question first.

Those two documents were naturally the DNA test reports of Lu Tianqing and Lu Tianci.

The elder took it in both hands, examined them, nodded, and passed them to the next person.

In a moment, everyone had finished reading the two documents.

The butler took back the two documents and stood aside.

Lu Tianqings clenched fists slowly relaxed, and her expression was no longer tense.

Only then did Old Master Lu say, “As everyone has seen, these are the test reports I asked Dr.

He to do.”


He was a doctor that Old Master Lu trusted very much.

He had worked for the Lu family for many years.

Since he was the one who ran the tests, no one had any questions.

“Butler, bring me the genealogy,” Old Master Lu said.

The butler put down the documents, picked up the genealogy with both hands, and held it in front of Old Master Lu.

Old Master Lu said, “Lu Yaode, you were the one who voluntarily removed yourself from the genealogy and left the Lu family.

Even though youve returned, you still have to pay any price.

Although I agree to let you return, you have to agree to two things.

First, after you return, you, Lu Tianqing, and Lu Tianci will have nothing to do with Lu Group.

In the future, youre not to interfere with any of Hetings work or participate in any operations.”

Lu Yaode was already mentally prepared for this.

He said, “Of course.

I came back to acknowledge the family and not to obtain the family assets.

So, Dad, you can rest assured.”

Lu Weijian muttered to himself, “How is that possible The three of them have a lot of shares.

Even excluding Feng Ze and the others, they still have a lot.

Its enough for them to cause trouble.”

“Secondly, in the future, the distribution of benefits of Lu Group will have nothing to do with you.

The three of you can inherit my inheritance, but you have no right to everything else that belongs to Heting,” Old Master Lu said.

“This…” Lu Yaode hesitated.

“Dad, this is a little unfair to us, right Were no longer involved in the business.

Were even being deprived of our share of the profits.

How are we going to live in the future”

Lu Tianqing also bit her lip.

Lu Tianci tried his best to restrain himself.

Old Master Lu said, “This is the price and condition for your return.

If you agree, Ill give you a fair share of my inheritance in the future.”

Lu Yaode was unwilling to accept this outcome.

However, if they didnt accept it, they wouldnt be able to return to the Lu family.

As they had neglected the shareholders some time ago, they would be pursued by the stockholders because they didnt have the Lu family to take care of them.

He had no choice but to swallow his dissatisfaction and say, “Okay, I agree.”

This was a stopgap measure.

He would have to plan for the future.

“In that case, all the conditions have been fulfilled.

The three of you can acknowledge your ancestors now.

Butler, bring me the genealogy.”

The butler, who was already prepared, raised the genealogy with both hands.

Old Master Lu reached out to take the genealogy and glanced at Lu Heting.

Although he had already used the conditions to suppress Lu Yaode, this was still not fair to Lu Heting.

But at this moment, this was the best he could do.

He held the genealogy and lowered his head in thought.

Lu Yaode was afraid that Lu Heting would cause trouble again, so he urged, “Dad Its getting late.

Why dont we—”

Old Master Lu sighed softly and unfolded the genealogy.

For a moment, he could not write anything.

“Dad! What are you waiting for Dont wait anymore,” Lu Yaode urged again.

“Wait!” a voice called from outside the door.

Everyone looked out the door.

It was Lu Hang.

Everyone knew that Lu Hang was Lu Hetings special assistant and his most capable and trusted subordinate.

What could it be

Lu Yaode had always been helpless against Lu Heting, but he really couldnt accept it when even Lu Hang dared to show off in front of him.

He said angrily, “Lu Hang, why are you shouting here”

Lu Hang ignored him and walked straight to Lu Hetings side.


Lu, I found it.”

“Okay.” Lu Heting took the document from him and said a few words.

Lu Hang went out without stopping.

Seeing that the two of them did not take him seriously at all, Lu Yaode was even angrier.

He glared at Han Qingwan.

This was the good son she raised!

Old Master Lu asked, “Heting, what is it”

Lu Yaode said, “Dad, lets get down to business first.

Well talk about Heting later.”

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