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Chapter 1310: Im Afraid That You Cant Bear The ResponsibilityTranslator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Lu Yaode said to Lu Tianqing, “Go on.

Come home early.”

Lu Tianqing lowered her head.

Lu Yaode couldnt tell what was wrong with her mood.

Lu Tianqing immediately went out.

She wore a mask and drove herself.

After circling around twice, she went straight to the hospital.

Two days later, Lu Tianqing and Lu Tiancis DNA test results were placed on Old Master Lus study table.

“Old Master, we did the examination as you intended.

These are the reports.”


“Yes, good work.” Old Master Lu looked pleased as he flipped through the reports.

“Old Master, about Mr.


“Ill talk with Heting again.

Im also thinking about the overall situation for everyones sake.

Heting will suffer for a while, but I wont let him suffer forever.”

After this matter was settled, he had to control Lu Yaode and his children and not let them go against Lu Heting.

In his heart, he loved Lu Heting the most.

He raised him himself, and he was his grandson.

How could he not love him

But as the head of the family and an elder, he had too many things to consider.

Instead of letting Lu Yaode roam outside again, he might as well keep him by his side.

On the day of the ceremony, Lu Yaode arrived at the Lu familys mansion early with his children.

Lu Tianqing and Lu Tianci were dressed very simply, completely in line with the expectations of the elders.

Now was not the time to be high-profile.

According to Tian Xin, they had to gain the favor of their grandparents as much as possible and try to gain a foothold before anything else.

“Please come in, Sir, Young Master, Young Lady.” The butler stepped forward and ushered the three of them inside.

The other members of the Lu family were also present.

Most of these people were collateral relatives.

Although they were from the Lu family, their status was not high enough to criticize Lu Yaode.

Moreover, Old Master Lu had already shown the DNA reports.

Everyone was just here to observe the ceremony.

Lu Yaode had also invited some friends to attend the ceremony, so the scene was solemn but also lively.

Su Bei and Han Qingwan appeared together.

Su Bei lowered her eyes and accompanied Han Qingwan.

“Su Bei” When Lu Tianqing saw her, she looked a little surprised.

Could Su Bei come to such an occasion However, on second thought, even her father had invited some friends to attend the ceremony.

Su Bei was on good terms with Han Qingwan, so it was not a big deal for her to come to this ceremony.

She wondered if Lu Heting would come.

“Fourth Uncle, Third Aunt, Fifth Grandpa, Uncle.” When Lu Yaode saw the Lu family members, he went forward to greet them.

After all, he had lived in the Lu family for nearly 30 years.

His family members were very familiar with him and had feelings for him, so they responded politely.

“Hmph.” When Lu Yaode walked to Han Qingwans side, he could not hide his disgust.

If not for Han Qingwan, Tian Xin would not have fallen into such a state.

He walked away from Han Qingwan without looking at her.

Han Qingwans expression was indifferent.

She didnt mind Lu Yaodes attitude because in her heart, she had long abandoned Lu Yaode.

His attitude couldnt trigger her emotions at all.

“Butler, wheres my dad” Lu Yaode asked when Old Master Lu didnt come down.

The butler said respectfully, “Please wait a little longer, Sir.

The old man should be down soon.”

“Okay.” Lu Yaode raised his wrist to look at the time.

Even though he was anxious, it was not convenient for him to keep urging the old man.

The butler stood silently.

In the study upstairs, Old Madam Lu said disapprovingly, “Its fine to let Yaode return to the family.

Hes our son, and weve poured our blood, sweat, and tears into him.

I can still remember how he looked when he was young.

I remember what our mother-son relationship was like.

“But Lu Tianci and Lu Tianqing cant return to the family.

In the past, I doted on them and was very soft-hearted.

I felt that it wasnt easy for them.

But as you can see, after Lu Tianci obtained the shares from me, he went against Heting.

I definitely cant tolerate such a thing happening again.”

“Ive already decided that letting them stay in the Lu family is better than letting them go out and causing trouble where we cant see them.

Ill discipline them well,” Old Master Lu said.

“I didnt say that I dont want them, but having their names in the genealogy is a big deal! It wont be good if they betray us in the future!” Old Madam Lu said angrily.

“No matter what, Ill take responsibility!”

Old Madam Lu looked at him and said solemnly, “Im afraid that you wont be able to bear the responsibility!”

With that, she slammed the door and left.

Old Master Lu stood still for a moment.

He adjusted his lapels and walked out without hesitation.

When Old Madam Lu went downstairs, Lu Yaode called out, “Mom.”

“Grandma.” Lu Tianci and Lu Tianqing were respectful.

Old Madam Lu did not reply.

Her face was filled with fatigue and old age.

After what had happened last time, she understood that a moment of weakness was the scariest thing.

Blood ties might not be something she could trust.

This time, she was reluctant to do anything so foolish.

Lu Yaode was a little embarrassed when there was no response from Old Madam Lu.

However, he quickly regained his composure and did not take this small issue to heart.

The matter of acknowledging their ancestors and returning to the family depended on Old Master Lus attitude.

Even as the person in charge, Lu Heting could not interfere in this matter.

He didnt care about the attitudes of others.

The butler welcomed Lu Heting and Lu Weijian through the garden and into the hall.

Seeing Lu Heting, the members of the Lu family stood up.



“Please take a seat,” Lu Heting said calmly.

Only then did everyone sit down in turn.

There was a little discussion in the hall just now, but there was no longer any sound.

“Heting.” Old Madam Lu looked at Lu Heting guiltily.

Lu Weijian, who was following Lu Heting, also looked unusually serious.

He used to always be smiling.

Now that he suddenly looked like this, Old Madam Lu felt even worse.

What was going on He was no longer his usual self.

Even the person who usually smiled was no longer smiling.

“Grandma, wheres Grandpa” Lu Heting asked.

“Hell be down soon,” Old Madam Lu said.


“Please sit down first.” Lu Heting helped her sit down.

Lu Yaode smiled and said, “Heting, Im still your father.

Me leaving the Lu family back then cant change this fact.

Although you dont welcome me very much, it doesnt matter.

Well still be a family in the future.”

Lu Heting didnt even look at him.

His cold expression was obvious.

Lu Yaode was embarrassed, but he couldnt flare up.

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