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Chapter 1308: Getting This CharacterTranslator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Su Bei and Lu Heting walked out together.

Lu Heting held her hand and said softly, “Im sorry for making you suffer with me.”

“I didnt suffer any grievances.

You, on the other hand, are under too much pressure.

Its really too much for them to do this.

Just because youre capable and better than others, they want you to tolerate it and exchange your forbearance for the peace of the family.

Its really too much.

Are the weak more powerful, then”

“The weak are not powerful.

Theyre thinking of ways to leech off the strong.”

“Whats the difference between that and a parasite” Su Bei was indignant.

“I shouldnt judge your elders, but I really cant help it.

They want you to sacrifice too much for the so-called big picture and balancing act.

Grandma was like this before, and now Grandpa is like this…”

Lu Heting lowered his eyes.

“I didnt have a father when I was young.

They raised me.

I owe them.”

Su Bei held his hand and felt her heart ache even more.

He had to let them be so unreasonable just because he owed them.

The strongest must be entangled in the weakest of vines.

“Dont worry.

Even if they want to enter the genealogy and acknowledge the family, I have plenty of ways to stop them.”

“But itll be hard on you again.”

Lu Heting smiled.

“Even without them, there will be all kinds of issues in the company that Ill need to solve.

Just treat it as practice.”

Seeing his relaxed smile, Su Bei smiled too.

“Then what good ideas do you have”


“Its fine if Lu Yaode wants to come back to the family with his children, but his children have to first have the true Lu familys bloodline.

There are other obstacles too.

If Tian Xin really commits a crime, will the others in the family allow them, who have a stain on their names, to return to the family”

Su Bei understood.

“They definitely wont agree.”

“Therefore, we have to speed things up with Tian Xins matter.

Also, Lu Tianci and Lu Tianqing need to provide DNA proof.

The Lu familys door isnt open to just anyone.”

“Yes, it wont be that easy.” Su Bei felt more confident now.

“Dont worry.” Lu Heting reached out and patted her head.

Su Bei smiled at him and said, “Lets go for a barbecue, then Theres nothing that cant be solved by a barbecue meal.

If there is, lets go twice.”

“Okay,” Lu Heting agreed dotingly.

Although Old Master Lu had promised Lu Yaode to let the three of them return to the family, he had also arranged for his trusted doctor to do a paternity test report.

Although Old Master Lu had opened the door to the Lu family, they still needed basic proof.

As for the others in the family, Old Master Lu was not too worried.

Those people were all collateral relatives, so there would not be much interference.

Actually, as long as the DNA proved that there was no problem, everything else would be smooth sailing.

Lu Yaode also quickly cooperated with the DNA test.

Now that Tian Xin was still in custody and had not been convicted for the time being, he wanted to go back to the Lu family before Tian Xin was convicted.

Otherwise, if these two children had the bloodline of a sinner, it would be troublesome if someone interfered.

Once they went back to the family, he could also use Lu Groups connections to protect Tian Xin.

He could even reduce her crimes to nothing.

Everything had been planned.

Su Beis work had not been intensive recently, but there were two auditions.

One was an internal audition.

In other words, the director had long thought highly of the artists who went for the audition.

They were just going to have a chat again.

When Su Bei went to the first audition that day, she found that two other female artists were going for it as well.

There was Lu Tianqing too.

Including Su Bei, there were four in total.

Qiao Mei specially came with Su Bei today.

She instructed softly, “Director Gao is famous for fooling around, so I have to come with you.

Just do whatever you want.

It doesnt matter if you get it or not.

But I hope you dont.”

Xiao Bai said, “Then why did you accept this audition, Sister Qiao Mei Couldnt we just not come”

“Youre silly.

Although Director Gao isnt much, his production team is very impressive.

If we can really cooperate, its actually not bad.”

“Whats the production team thinking, using such a director” Xiao Bai muttered.

Su Bei answered on behalf of Qiao Mei, “Because many men dont take this kind of thing seriously.

Even many women dont take this kind of thing seriously.

Some people arent afraid of the director being too greedy and lecherous.

Instead, theyre afraid that the director wont have any hobbies that they can exploit.”

“Damn, thats too scary.

Are there any clean people in this circle” Xiao Bai exclaimed.

Qiao Mei smiled and shook her head.

Xiao Bai had a simple personality.

Even after so long, she still hadnt adapted.

However, this personality was sometimes rare.

Qiao Mei reminded Su Bei, “In any case, we wont care what others do.

We just have to follow our own principles.

Dont worry too much and dont let your guard down.”

“Understood.” Su Bei nodded.

After Su Bei went in and followed the procedure, she sat at the side and waited for the results.

After a while, Lu Tianqing came in.

She glanced at Su Bei arrogantly as if everything that had happened in the past few days had nothing to do with her.

The moment Lu Tianqing entered, Director Gaos expression changed.

Although he hid it well, Su Bei still noticed it.

Qiao Mei had told her to pay more attention to Director Gao.

She kept staring at his expression.

The subtle changes in expression did not escape Su Beis eyes.

Huh Lu Tianqing and Director Gao… were not that close, right

Su Bei knew that Lu Tianqing had married well and her husbands status was not low.

Lu Tianqing did not have to take this route of accompanying a director to get a role.

She was not yet at the end of her tether.

So this is about Tian Xin again

Su Bei knew that she probably had no shot with the audition today.

It had been decided that Lu Tianqing would get the role.

She quickly went out.

Qiao Mei had just sent away a middle-aged woman.

When she saw Su Bei coming out, she asked in surprise, “The results are out so soon”

“I might not be able to get it.

Lu Tianqing is inside.

Director Gao thinks highly of her.”

“Thats fine.” Qiao Mei didnt want to force it.

“Itll be troublesome if you get this role anyway.

Its fine to miss out on it.”

“Who was that who just left” she asked.

“Director Gaos wife, Mrs.


We met a few times.

She came in a huff just now.

I was afraid that there would be too many paparazzi and it would affect you, so I persuaded her to leave.

Perhaps shes here to catch Director Gao in the act.

Its so difficult to be a woman.” Qiao Mei sighed.

Su Bei felt the same way.

“If theres nothing else, lets go,” Qiao Mei said.

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