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Chapter 1307: Agreed To ReuniteTranslator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Han Qingwan pretended not to know and picked up her chopsticks to eat.

Old Master Lu coughed lightly.

“Qingwan, Ive agreed to let Lu Yaode acknowledge us as his family again.”

“Dad, hes your son.

You can make your own decision,” Han Qing said calmly.

“I hope you understand—”

Han Qingwan put down her chopsticks.

“Your decision is yours to make.

I can respect it, but it doesnt mean I agree.

You cant ask me and Heting to understand you.

Ill never understand such a decision in my life.”

Old Master Lu sighed.

“Hes the Lu familys bloodline, after all.”

“Yes, that makes sense,” Han Qingwan said.

“What about Heting He was stabbed in the back by his father a few years ago, then by his family.

Now, its happening again.

Maybe the people hell consider his family will be fewer and fewer in the future.

Fortunately, he still has Su Bei, Da Bao, and Gun Gun.”

These words were extremely harsh.

No matter how good Old Master Lus self-restraint was, he could not help but slam his chopsticks on the table.

It had been many years since Han Qingwan had spoken her mind, but it felt good to say these things out loud.

It was much better than pretending to be magnanimous.

In truth, she had long ago ceased to value her own interests.

What did it matter She had lived like this all her life.

But what about her son Did her son have to give everything he had worked so hard for to an outsider Then what was the point of everything her son had contributed

The spoils of war obtained from close combat were given to the enemy.

And in the name of kinship too.

If this was the case, just what sort of family could be trusted

Han Qingwan only wanted to sneer.

Old Master Lu said, “Ill tell Heting about this myself.

You dont have to worry.”

“Alright, I cant tell this to Heting anyway.” Han Qingwan stood up.

“Im full.

Enjoy your meal.”

Han Qingwan carried her bag and was about to leave when she saw Lu Heting and Su Bei walking in.

It seemed that Old Master Lu was determined to let Lu Yaode acknowledge his family.

There was no room for discussion.

Han Qingwan looked at her son and daughter-in-law.

At this moment, she only felt sorry for them, but she was filled with helplessness.

What could they do anyway When words likekinship andmorality were used, even she was rendered helpless.

“Heting, Su Bei.” Han Qingwans voice was a little weak.



Han Qingwan said, “Lu Yaode came by.

Your grandfather might have made some decisions.”

She gave her son an advance warning.

Her son would also be unable to surrender in matters tied to kinship.

Old Master Lu and Old Madam Lu had watched Lu Heting grow up.

The shackles of kinship could not be cut off.

Lu Heting frowned and said, “I understand.”

Han Qingwan sighed softly.

“Im sorry.”

Lu Heting adjusted his cufflinks.

“We dont need to say those words with our relationship.”

He and Su Bei said goodbye to Han Qingwan and walked in.

Old Master Lu said, “Heting, Im sure you know that your father came today.”

Lu Heting remained silent and sat down with Su Bei.

Old Master Lu sighed softly.

He picked up his teacup and took a sip.

“Ive agreed to let them acknowledge us as their family again.

In a few days, their names will be written in the genealogy.

Other than Tian Xin, the Lu family will acknowledge their family of three.”

Su Bei reached out and held Lu Hetings hand.

His usually dry and warm palm was still the same, but Su Bei knew that he must be feeling cold inside.

Old Master Lu said, “Heting, my actions are for your own good.

If word gets out that you defeated your father, what will others think of you Theyll no longer remember Lu Yaodes hatred.

Theyll only remember his pitiful state and your cruelty.

If you can even defeat your father and brothers, how will the people outside believe you in the future

“Also, its risky to let them wander outside.

Itd be wise to keep the tiger by my side.

However, Ill clearly state that the three of them can enjoy the dividends from my inheritance, but not Lu Group.

“Ill acknowledge them, but they wont interfere with you.”

“Grandpa, since youve already made such a decision and it has nothing to do with me, why did you ask me to come here and inform me of this” Lu Heting looked up and asked frankly.

“This family is ultimately yours.

In any case, I have to tell you.

But dont worry, their return definitely wont affect you.”

“Really” Lu Heting asked.

Old Master Lu was rendered speechless by his extremely light question.

Would there really be no effects That was absolutely impossible.

As long as they returned to the Lu family, it would definitely affect them.

However, Old Master Lu believed that Lu Heting could solve the problems that occurred.

It was true that his heart had softened.

His son, grandson, and granddaughter were wandering outside with a tiger beside them.

It was better to keep them by his side and watch over their safety.

That way, there was nothing they could do.

Lu Heting said calmly, “Grandpa, theyre not tigers.

There are no tigers with such low combat power.

But theyre not pigs either.

They wont be willing to just be raised and eat and sleep in peace.

You think that you still have the strength to control Lu Yaode, but maybe youve overestimated yourself and underestimated him.”

Old Master Lu heard the resistance in his voice.

However, as the head of the family and the oldest elder in the Lu family, he could not help but take into consideration all factors.

Was he going to let his children and grandchildren stay outside forever


“Grandfather, I cant stop you from doing anything, and I have no right to make any decisions for you.

But likewise, thats also true for you to me.”

Old Master Lu knew that Lu Heting disagreed with him.

Even if he forced himself to do something that Lu Heting wouldnt agree to, it would be meaningless in the end.

Before Old Master Lu could answer, Lu Heting stood up and said, “If theres nothing else, Ill leave first.”

Su Bei clasped his fingers and could feel him trembling slightly.

He was powerful.

He was never afraid of any predicament.

He could handle any enemy with ease.

However, when he was hurt by the person closest to him, the vulnerability he revealed made Su Beis heart ache.

She understood that feeling.

She really wanted to hammer the heads of these people in front of her.

But she held herself back.

The old master was an elder who had raised Lu Heting.

She had no right to make a move in this situation.

Lu Heting and Su Bei left together.

Old Master Lu wanted to ask him to stay.

He opened his mouth a few times, but no words came out.

Old Madam Lu said tearfully, “Look at what youve done! If youre too soft-hearted and want to get the best of both worlds, you wont get anything in the end.”

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