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Chapter 1306: No One Can EscapeTranslator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Lu Tianci sat opposite Lu Yaode and felt the wound on his hand hurt even more.

“What about He Yuan” Lu Yaode asked Lu Tianqing hopefully.

He Yuan was Lu Tianqings husband and also a member of He Consortium.

At this time, only he had the ability to fork out a huge sum of money to support Tianci Corporation.

However, Lu Tianqing shook her head, indicating that she was helpless.

It wasnt that she hadnt looked for He Yuan before, but He Yuan said that he couldnt fork out that much money.

It was impossible for him to draw money from his own company as it was meant for emergencies.

Lu Tianqing couldnt force him either.

Even their last hope was gone.

Lu Yaode sat back in his chair in defeat.

After this incident, the share price of Lu Group rose.

Although it was not fast, it was still a good sign.

This also showed that the outside world was optimistic about Lu Hetings ability and trusted that Lu Group could survive this crisis.

Tian Xin and Han Qingwan were being investigated.

As several parties were anxious to seek results, the investigation and trial of the case went by especially quickly.

Lu Tianqing was the one who was most worried about her mother.

She was anxious to find a lawyer to protect Tian Xins rights.

“Dad, no matter what, we have to save Mom this time.”

Lu Yaode nodded.

“Of course.

Shes not only your mother but also the most important person to me.”

“But Lu Heting is aggressive.

Im really afraid that something will happen.”

Lu Yaode finally realized that the pair of mother and son was even more capable and difficult to deal with than he had imagined.

The anger in his heart also increased.

In his opinion, Tian Xin was being targeted by Han Qingwan because of him.

As a husband, failing to protect his wife was really the greatest sin of all.

Lu Yaode went to visit Tian Xin.

Although Tian Xin looked haggard, she was still gentle.

“I dont blame Han Qingwan and Lu Heting.

But Hubby, you must take good care of the two children.”

“The entire Tianci Corporation is on the verge of collapse.

I can only do my best,” Lu Yaode said.

“I was incompetent and implicated you.”

“You can completely ignore Tianci Corporation.

Throw that mess out.”


“That way, well just lose the shareholders and Feng Zes money.

We wont lose much.

Besides, dont we still have Tianyi Media and Yaode Corporation”

Lu Yaode was enlightened.

As long as he completely threw out Tianci Corporation, he would not have to bear this responsibility.

But in this way, the shareholders who had been scammed would definitely look for trouble with him.

Although that was one way, the trouble that followed was not small.

Tian Xin said, “Go back with the two children and beg Old Master Lu.

Let the two children acknowledge their ancestors and return to the Lu family.

Even if the shareholders want to cause trouble for us.

But with the Lu family backing us, they wont be able to cause much trouble.”

Lu Yaode was overjoyed.

“Tian Xin, youre really my good wife.

Thats great! The only thing is that Ive let you down.

Youre still suffering inside here, but we have to go back to the Lu family.”

“It doesnt matter.

As long as youre safe, everything will get better,” Tian Xin said.

“Besides, you have to take care of yourselves to get me off the hook.

Tianqing and Tianci are so obedient.

Its impossible for Mom and Dad to not like them.

When the time comes, our family can still be reunited.”

Lu Yaode felt that what she said made sense.

She was always so gentle and had never caused trouble for him.

She was more than a hundred times better than Han Qingwan.

“Tian Xin, its my greatest blessing to be able to marry you.

Im so lucky to be able to obtain your favor,” Lu Yaode said emotionally.

Soon, Lu Yaode brought Lu Tianqing and Lu Tianci home.

Compared to the last time they came back when the father and son were aggressive, the three of them were much more humble this time.

Old Master Lu was trimming the flowers in the garden.

When he heard that they had come, he didnt want to see them.

He didnt stop trimming, and large leaves fell at his feet.

The butler stood quietly and waited for Old Master Lu to speak.

There was a long pause.

Just when the butler thought there would be no more orders, Old Master Lu finally said, “Let them in.”

Lu Yaode heaved a sigh of relief and entered with his children.

This time, even his footsteps were light.

He entered the living room and saw Old Master Lu holding up a teacup.

He stepped forward and filled his cup.

“Dad,” he said with a smile.

“Hurry up and greet your grandpa.” Lu Yaode turned around and commanded his children.

Han Qingwan stood on the second floor and watched this scene.

She raised her hand and pinched the space between her eyebrows.

Although she was also under investigation, Han Qingwan had already cooperated the last time and told the police everything she knew.

Therefore, she had more freedom than Tian Xin.

She could come back and not be detained.

The nanny who served her found it a little unfair when she saw this scene.

“Madam, if Old Master Lu really accepts this family, what position will he place you and Young Master in”

Han Qingwan smiled coldly.

“Will the old master refuse to accept his own son”

The nanny was momentarily speechless.

Han Qingwan lowered her head and suddenly understood Su Beis situation.

Wasnt her current situation the same as Su Beis when she tried her best to keep Jia Shiyun

It was not that she did not understand how difficult it was to be a daughter-in-law, but when she was targeting Su Bei, she seemed to have been doing the same thing.

Ones status really determined ones position.

None of them could escape this.

“I wonder if the old man will accept them.

If their names are in the genealogy, it would be an admission of their identities.” The nanny was still talking to herself while feeling indignant.

If Lu Yaode had made some contributions, it would not be like this where everyone was suspicious of each other.

As a nanny, she knew how difficult it was for Han Qingwan and Lu Heting.

“Thats the older generations own business.

Its out of your hands and mine.

Go on, get dinner ready.”

The nanny had to go to the kitchen.

Lu Yaode and the others stayed for a long time before finally leaving.

When Han Qingwan went downstairs for dinner, Old Master Lu and Old Madam Lu were both there.

Because of the matter of the 10% shares last time, Old Madam Lu felt deeply guilty.

She did not say anything or show her support for Lu Yaodes return today.

She even had some objections.

This was because what Lu Tianci had done to her the last time was deceptive and had almost caused a disaster!

However, Old Master Lu had agreed to Lu Yaodes request.

Because of this, the two of them quarreled.

Old Madam Lu was still angry.

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