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Chapter 1305: Betrayal From The People Closest To You Hurts The MostTranslator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

There were already many people paying attention to this case.

Now that there was suddenly an additional suspect and a scene of a catfight, more people paid attention to it.

There were all kinds of comments now.

Someone continued to suspect Han Qingwan.

[She must have felt too much pressure, so she deliberately dragged someone into the water to face the pressure with her.

This is all a trap.

Ive already seen through it.]

[Yes, the pair of mother and son are too cunning.

Everyone, dont be distracted.

You must remember our original intention.

We have to punish the murderer severely! Give the deceased justice.]


Punish the murderer severely and seek justice!]

However, there were also many people who began to doubt Tian Xin.

[I think those people who are still suspecting Han Qingwan didnt watch the video seriously.

In the video, Han Qingwan had already made it very clear that the instigator of all this is Tian Xin.

If not for Tian Xin, such a tragedy wouldnt have happened.]

[Ive seen all the videos.

What Han Qingwan said makes more sense.

This time, Im suspicious of Tian Xin.]

[Lets stand on Han Qingwans side.

Tian Xin has more motive to deal with Tan Qing, regardless if its from the standpoint of her lower ranking in the family hierarchy or her being a mistress.”

[Lets stand on Han Qingwans side.

Regardless of whether its from a standpoint or from the fact that shes a mistress, its more reasonable and a bigger motive to deal with Tan Qing.]

[Everything depends on the motive.

Tan Qings death is indeed more beneficial to Tian Xin.]

[However, all of this is on the premise that Han Qingwan is telling the truth.

But who can guarantee that Han Qingwan is telling the truth]

[Thats right.

How can we determine that what Han Qingwan said is true and what Tian Xin said is fake]

Some of the others were neutral and didnt stand for anyone.

[I dont understand, and I dont want to keep watching.

Lets wait for the police to give us the result.]

[Waiting for the result 1]

After reading for a while, Xiao Bai said, “Im also confused.

After reading all these, I dont know who to support anymore.”

“You dont have to support anyone,” she said.

“The police will give the final verdict.”

The biggest impact of this incident was the share price of Tianci Corporation.

As Tianci Corporation had just been established and listed, the outside world was very optimistic and had very good expectations.

Their share price had been rising all the way.

If there were no problems, it would take at least a while before it calmed down and entered a period of stable development.

But when the news came out, many people were quick to denounce them.

Because it was night now, the stock market had already closed.

Su Bei expected that when the stock market opened tomorrow, Tianci Corporation would lose everything.

After Xiao Bai left, Su Bei waited for Lu Hetings car and quickly got in when it came.

Han Qingwan had gone with the police to cooperate with the investigation, so Lu Heting was alone.

“You found a lot of evidence for this, havent you”

Lu Heting nodded.


As long as its submitted to the police later, Tian Xin will be convicted soon.

However, there are still many gaps in the law regarding the use of hypnosis to manipulate others to commit murder.

Its a little hard to say what crime shell be convicted of.”

“In any case, people like her shouldnt be let go.

If it werent for her, Tan Qing, her husband, and the child she was carrying wouldnt have passed away.

Feng Ze wouldnt have been displaced.

He started living in an orphanage while consumed with hatred from a young age, causing even bigger problems for him afterward.”

The law will give them justice, though its coming a little too late.

Su Bei fell silent, feeling terrible at the thought.

After a while, she said, “How did you figure out that Tian Xin knew hypnosis”

“Do you remember the last time Tian Xin met me alone and convinced me to reuse some of the old shareholders in the company”

Su Bei nodded.

“Yes, after that meeting, you did reassign many of the old shareholders to important positions.

And it was those old shareholders who betrayed you and sided with Lu Yaode.

That time, you deliberately agreed to Tian Xin to confuse her and Lu Yaode, right”

“On the one hand, yes.

But on the other hand, when she saw me that time, she slipped a sleeping pill into my coffee.

I didnt drink it.

I pretended to be asleep to try and see what tricks she was playing.

When she came in, she took her pinkie ring and began to hypnotize me.”

“Oh my God,” Su Bei whispered.

Her heart clenched at the thought that Tian Xin really knew hypnosis.

“However, I didnt take the sleeping pill, and my mental strength didnt allow me to be hypnotized by her.

I was completely fine.

But through this, I learned about this little trick of hers.

Through this clue, it let my mother remember more about what happened back then.”

“I see.” Su Bei still had lingering fears.

She took a few more glances at Lu Heting, wanting to confirm his safety.

Lu Heting replied to her with a confident gaze, “Only people with weak mental strength are easily hypnotized.

Its very difficult for ordinary people to be hypnotized.

Thats why Tian Xin drugged her victims with sleeping pills first.

She must have tried to hypnotize Tan Qing in the past to make her forget about the scandal.

It was probably because Tan Qing was pregnant at that time and had a strong desire to protect the child, so Tian Xin didnt succeed.

“And the reason my mother was hypnotized by her was that her mental strength was too weak at the time.

She had also taken sleeping pills and trusted her too much.”

Su Bei whispered, “This is why its not easy to have your guards up against people close to you.

It just so happens that a betrayal from the people closest to you hurts the most.”

Lu Heting drove with one hand and reached out to cover the back of her slightly cold hand.

The next day, at the start of the stock market, as Su Bei had expected, the share price of Tianci Corporation plummeted.

Moreover, there was no sign of optimism.

The stockholders all sold their shares.

Such emotions caused those who were still watching to quickly sell their shares as well.

The price was getting lower and lower.

Tianci Corporation was in danger.

It was a new company.

How could it have the strength to resist such a huge predicament

Xiao Bai sent Su Bei a WeChat message: [Su Bei, youre right.

The shares of Tianci Corporation are no good.

My friends listened to me and sold them as soon as the market opened today.

I didnt lose anything.

If I had bought them and kept them until now, I might have cried to death.

Id only be able to smash them in my hands.]

Sigh, people really couldnt do anything wrong.

Once they did something bad, it would affect the entire company, many families, and even shareholders.”

Su Bei replied: [The stock market is risky.

You have to be careful when investing.]

Lu Yaode sat in his office, facing the current situation.

Sweat broke out on his forehead.

The partners who had agreed to cooperate with the company were either unable to be reached or on a business trip.

They didnt have time to talk to him now.

It was obvious that they were trying to avoid him.

As for Feng Ze, after last night, he no longer cared about Tianci Corporation.

Although he had not withdrawn his investment or added insult to injury, he was unwilling to help or fork out another cent.

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