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Chapter 1304: Poking His HeartTranslator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

This statement was echoed by many people.

“Yes, it seems too far-fetched.

I dont really believe it.”

“Thats right.

If Tian Xin really had such a magical ability, would she have to work so hard to run the company and film at the same time She would have long taken over Lu Group.”

Han Qingwan snorted.

“Hypnosis is indeed very magical, but it can only be used on people with especially weak mental strength.

When I was hypnotized by her back then, I had difficulty sleeping for many days because of various things.

I was in my worst state.

Otherwise, I wouldnt have been hypnotized and missed Tan Qings voice message.

“The stronger ones mind and mental strength, the less likely for them to be affected by hypnosis.

“Therefore, Tian Xin can only use this trick on those who cant resist it.

This trick cant be used for a long time.

“Besides, Tian Xin, youre afraid that people will know what happened back then, so you havent dared to use hypnosis again.

Am I wrong”

“All of this is just your conjecture! Han Qingwan, youre slandering me! No matter what you say, it isnt true!” Tian Xin scolded angrily.

“Whether Im wrong or not, its not up to me.

Of course, its even better if you come clean.

Ive already called the police, and theyll be here soon.

Im already prepared to cooperate with the investigation.

What about you” Han Qingwan smiled calmly, revealing her graceful temperament.

Everyone was talking at the moment.

Tian Xins expression turned ugly.

Sweat appeared on her forehead, and her makeup no longer remained exquisite.

Lu Yaode also reprimanded, “Han Qingwan, youre just jealous of Tian Xin.

Thats why youre spouting nonsense.

Your scheme wont succeed!”

“Save these words for the police,” Han Qingwan said.

Lu Tianqing and Lu Tianci were also shocked by this sudden twist.

At that moment, sirens sounded outside.

A police car roared toward them.

The officers got out and walked in.

As the old accident involving Tan Qing and her family had resurfaced, many people had been leaving messages to the police, causing them great pressure.

Since the suspects had appeared this time and the matter was expected to be resolved, they naturally would not be negligent.

It was useless for Tian Xin to resist and struggle.

She had to cooperate and go back with the police for an investigation.

However, her situation was completely different from Han Qingwans.

Han Qingwan had long been criticized by netizens, and the share price of Lu Group had fallen as well.

This made Han Qingwan mentally prepared.

Besides, the huge Lu Group had the ability to stabilize themselves in the face of falling share prices.

However, Tianci Corporation was different.

It had just been established and had yet to grow.

Such a huge scandal was enough to put the company in a huge crisis.

It was as if one had suffered a heavy punch.

If it was a strong person, they could be safe and sound and even counterattack forcefully.

However, a toddler would die from the blow.

“Hubby, what should we do” Tian Xin asked anxiously.

Lu Yaode shielded her and refused to cooperate.

“You cant take my wife away without evidence! This is all a conspiracy!”

“Lu Yaode, Tian Xin, we have enough reason to suspect that you guys are related to the case from more than 20 years ago.

Please cooperate with the investigation.”

The police showed no mercy.

After Tian Xin was taken away, she glared at Han Qingwan and Lu Heting with hatred.

It was all because of this pair of mother and son that she might end up in jail.

Lu Yaode couldnt help but walk up to Han Qingwan and say, “Are you satisfied now After venting all your years of resentment, are you satisfied I really regret being too tolerant of you back then and leaving Lu Group to you just for you to take revenge so viciously.”

“Youre wrong, Lu Yaode.

You didnt leave Lu Group to us.

It was a mess that you left behind.

If it werent for us, it wouldve fallen apart long ago.

Dont take yourself too seriously.

If not for Tan Qing, I wouldnt be interested in your family at all.” Han Qingwan looked coldly at the most familiar stranger in the world.

Lu Yaodes face was ashen, and his breathing was heavy.

Han Qingwans words pierced his heart.

Lu Tianci said angrily, “Han Qingwan, if anything happens to my wife, Ill definitely not let you off!”

Han Qingwan smiled and said, “Alright, bring it on.”

After saying that, she said to Lu Heting, “Son, lets go.”

Tian Xin was taken away.

Lu Yaode was still concerned about the situation and was afraid that it would make things worse.

He looked down the stage and realized that Feng Zes seat was already empty.

The usually calm man had gone somewhere.

For an inexplicable reason, Lu Yaode panicked.

He trusted Tian Xin very much, but he was afraid that Han Qingwan would use all kinds of methods to sow discord between Feng Ze and Tian Xin, causing Feng Ze to turn against them.

Now that Feng Ze was their familys greatest support, there could not be any conflicts between them and Feng Ze.

Lu Yaode hurriedly said on stage, “Everyone, the founding ceremony of Tianci Corporation officially begins now.

Thank you for coming today.

Well now cut the ribbon.”

Lu Tianci went on stage and hurriedly cut the ribbon.

Meanwhile, Lu Tianqing was making a call to the media to block the news of tonights incident.

Unfortunately, Han Qingwan had come prepared, and Lu Heting was determined to clear his mothers name.

How could Lu Tianqing control the media

Lu Tianqing tried her best but could only contact the media that she was on good terms with and get them to eliminate the negative impact.

The grand ribbon-cutting ceremony ended in a hurry.

The various segments that had been arranged were simplified.

After the ribbon-cutting ceremony, there was still a lot of activity.

The hosts and guests were supposed to be gathered together.

However, Lu Yaode and Lu Tianci were no longer in the mood to continue their activities.

People began to take their leave.

Xiao Bai followed Su Bei and exclaimed, “What happened tonight was so exciting.

Han Qingwan is really elegant.

She came prepared.

Everything she said made sense and was reasonable.

Im completely convinced.

Anyway, she gives a better impression than Tian Xin.”

Seeing that Su Bei didnt answer, she continued, “Besides, Mr.

Lu is also more handsome than Lu Tianci.

I dont know how this matter will end, but no matter what, Im on Mr.

Lus side.

“Why arent you saying anything, Su Bei”

Su Bei looked up and smiled.

“Im reading the news.”

Xiao Bai also poked her head over to read the news.

They immediately found the news of Han Qingwan confronting Tian Xin.

It was already trending.

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