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Chapter 1303: There Really Is Such An AbilityTranslator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

The crowd erupted.

Although there was no evidence at the moment, what Han Qingwan said sounded very logical.

The scandal between Tian Xin and Lu Yaode was also a fact.

And Han Qingwan really had no reason to attack Tan Qing.

Tian Xin said, “Han Qingwan, I admit that Ive hurt you by getting together with Yaode, but I got together with Yaode because you two didnt have any feelings for each other anymore.

Dont try to confuse the two things and push the blame on me.

Im not afraid of any rumors you spread.

“Everyone, dont listen to Han Qingwans nonsense.

The simulation video of her crashing into the car was made by Tan Qings son.

“Would the son of the deceased malign her

“No matter what you say, you were the one who hit the car.

This fact is completely true.”

Tian Xins words made sense.

For a moment, the guests below the stage did not know who to believe.

Han Qingwan said, “Tan Qings son was still young back then, so he naturally forgot many things, and its not easy to find evidence.

However, were different.

Tan Qing and I are friends, and I know her very well.

Since there was something suspicious, Id naturally follow the clues.

“The night before Tan Qing died, she called me.

I didnt answer it and it went into voicemail.

There were too many messages during that time, so I missed some of them.

Fortunately, the technology back then was still very good.

I searched for a long time and finally found the various messages she left me back then.

“I filtered and searched through them before finally finding the one I missed.

“It was through this that I learned of your methods of harming others.”

When everyone heard this, they immediately raised their heads in anticipation.

They didnt know what evidence Han Qingwan could produce, nor did they know what Tian Xins method was.

Tian Xins expression changed slightly, but she knew that she had never left any evidence behind.

Hence, she looked at Han Qingwan fearlessly.

Han Qingwan took out a recording of an unfamiliar womans voice.

Perhaps no one else could recognize whose voice it was, but Tian Xin could immediately tell that it was Tan Qings voice.

She would never forget that voice.

Lu Yaode also found it familiar.

After all, they were old acquaintances.

Feng Ze slowly stood up, and he stopped playing with the foxtail in his hand.

He knew that voice all too well.

It was his mothers voice.

His mother had always left a few recordings on the telephone at home, exhorting him to eat well.

He didnt need to question the voice.

Han Qingwan pressed the start button.

Tan Qings words entered everyones ears very clearly.

“Qingwan, I have something to tell you.

Can you call me back Forget it, I know youre very busy.

Ill briefly tell you about it first.

“I dont know if what I saw was accurate.

I saw Lu Yaode and Tian Xin go to the hotel the other day.

It didnt seem like it was the first time.

Ive been keeping this to myself.

I always wanted to tell you, but I never did.

“Yesterday, I went to talk to Tian Xin about this, hoping that she would listen to my advice.

But who knew that we couldnt get along at all Besides, it was two oclock in the afternoon when I went to her place, but for some reason, I fell asleep.

When I came out, it was already eight in the evening.

“I have a bad feeling, but I dont know what to say.

When you have time, call me and well talk in person.”

When this was over, the recording stopped.

Everyone was skeptical at first, but at this moment, they all looked at Tian Xin, wondering what explanation she had.

Tian Xin knew she couldnt deny it.

“Yes, Tan Qing came to me and I told her to stay out of my personal matters.

Is there a problem with that Even if were best friends, theres no need for her to care, is there She fell asleep in my place.

What does it have to do with me She was pregnant with a second child at the time.

Pregnant women fall asleep easily.

She just happened to fall asleep.

Are you using that to determine that I harmed her”

Han Qingwan said, “Indeed, based on this recording, we cant be sure that you harmed her.

“But Tian Xin, do you dare admit that you learned hypnosis from the most famous psychologist in America”

There was a look of surprise and fear in Tian Xins eyes.

Her finger automatically touched her pinkie ring.

Han Qingwan asked, “Is that true, Tian Xin”

“So what if I did And so what if I didnt” Tian Xin said loudly.

“What does this have to do with anything”

“The night before Tan Qings accident, you had a long talk with me.

At that time, I was busy with work and my relationship with Lu Yaode was indifferent.

I had already realized the problem, so I was in an extremely bad mood.

I looked for you to tell you about it.

We talked a lot, but after we finished talking, I didnt remember the contents at all.

Until today, I still dont.

“The next day, Tan Qing and her family got into a car accident.

They were brutally killed.

“This can prove that I had something to do with it, but I want to ask you something.

What did you say to me that night Did you make some kind of psychological suggestion Did you hypnotize me into driving my car into Tan Qings

“Were you the one who plotted behind my back while I was at my weakest so that Tan Qing and I could kill each other, while you could sit back and reap the benefits”

Han Qingwan asked one by one.

All of this was the result of her and Lu Hetings investigation.

Everyone was shocked.

“Hypnosis Does such a thing really exist”

“Ive heard of it.

There was a show about hypnosis before.

It was really amazing.

In the end, someone was really hypnotized and shot a gun.

But, of course, the show used fake guns, so it was fine.”

“Its that amazing There are people in real life who have the skill, then Thats horrible!”

Tian Xin said angrily, “Nonsense! Theres no such thing! I dont know anything! Han Qingwan, youre too ridiculous.

In order to get away with this, you actually fabricated such a thing.

Its not credible at all! You cant even lie to a child with this!”

“As for whether its true or not, I dont dare to make any claims.

But the ring on your finger was given to you by that hypnotist.

You cant deny that.

Although he has already passed away, he wore it many times when he was alive.

You can tell at a glance.”

“Yes, hes my friend.

He gave me the ring.

But regarding hypnosis, youve read too many novels,” said Tian Xin.

“According to you, when I run into problems in my affairs and acting career, I can just use hypnosis to solve them.

If thats the case, why would I need to work hard on my own If I really had that ability, I would be in charge of Lu Group.”

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