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Chapter 1302: Clarify That You Didnt Do ItTranslator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Tian Xin said, “Ms.

Han, you have no evidence.

How can you say that about me I was kind enough to welcome you, but you did this.

Why do you have to do this We do have some personal grudges, but we can resolve them in private.

I can also apologize to you.

But how could you make everyone feel bad by saying that in public”

Tian Xins words were full of emotions.

As expected of an actress, she gained enough sympathy for herself and made Han Qingwan seem aggressive and unreasonable.

It made her seem all the more sensible.

Everyone was worried for Han Qingwan.

They never expected that the mother of the head of Lu Group would speak so irrationally.

Han Qingwan was unmoved and said, “Since Im here, Im not without evidence.

Everyone, please allow me to tell you a story.”

Tian Xin knew that she couldnt come up with any evidence, so she said, “Alright.

Since youre in the mood to tell a story, then tell it.”

Although Lu Tianci and Lu Tianqing were dissatisfied with Han Qingwans actions this time, they could only let her be since things had already come to this.

Han Qingwan said, “More than 20 years ago, Tian Xin, Tan Qing, and I were three very good friends.

Although we came from different places and were born into different families, our relationship was very good when we were studying.

Later on, although we had different jobs and had our own plans in life, it did not affect our friendship.

“After I married Lu Yaode, I went to work at Lu Group.

Soon, I got pregnant and had children.

My life was busy and fulfilling.

“Tan Qing also got married and had children.

Her life was also on the right track.

“Tian Xin was the last to marry among us because at that time, she entered the entertainment industry and made a name for herself.

She gained a lot of attention, and her career went smoothly.

“As Tian Xins good friend, I also invested in Tian Xins work.

She gained even more fame, and I also gained some benefits.

“Everything was going well.

We were successful in our careers.

We were famous and rich.

It was as if all our wishes from university had come true.

“But things obviously couldnt continue going on that smoothly.

Things happened so suddenly.

“My husband, Lu Yaode, got together with my best friend, Tian Xin.

Just like in countless cheating stories, the person involved is always the last to hear the news and the last to see the harsh reality.

“When I found out, it was like the sky was falling.

I reflected on what I did to make two of the closest people around me betray me at the same time.

“But there was no answer to anything.

“I was in a tug of war with Lu Yaode, torturing both him and myself.

After Tan Qings family got into a car accident, I finally sobered up.”

Her words, spoken a little peacefully, made many people empathize with her.

Although the story took place more than 20 years ago, one could imagine how painful it had been for her back then.

No one said anything.

Standing in the distance, Feng Zes lips curled into a faint sneer, his face full of disapproval.

Can a story change the facts

Does it matter whos in more pain

He played idly with a foxtail in his hand.

He did not care about the story.

Han Qingwan continued, “I didnt take Tan Qings accident too seriously because at that time, everyone thought that it was a traffic accident.

The culprit had already fled and couldnt be traced.

“Tan Qing, her husband, the child Tan Qing was carrying, and their son, who was already a toddler, had simply disappeared from my life.

“It wasnt until more than 20 years later that I saw that simulation video again.

I saw that the person driving the car at them was actually myself.

I was also stunned.

“Because I dont have that memory at all, and I never thought that I had anything to do with my best friends death.”

When everyone heard this, they couldnt help but think,Of course, you didnt think like that.

After all, you were the perpetrator.

Do you expect us all to forgive you, the murderer What is the point of saying such things

So Because you were cheated on and betrayed, we have to forgive you for killing someone

Han Qingwan looked around and saw suspicion and disdain in everyones eyes.

She said, “I was also very suspicious about it.

I saw this video a long time before the rest of you did.

After I saw it, I cooperated with the police and they conducted an investigation.

I stayed with the police for a long time.

“The police tentatively determined that I wasnt responsible for the car accident back then.”

Tian Xin said, “So, youre here to clarify that you didnt do it.

We dont know who to trust, but since the police have spoken, well believe them.

Now what”

Han Qingwan said, “Although the police have declared me innocent, since it has already implicated Tan Qings death, how can I let it go Therefore, in the period of time afterward, Heting and I looked for evidence.

We found that all our leads point to you.

Tian Xin, you were the one who caused Tan Qing and her family to die, including the unborn child in her stomach!”

Tian Xin looked at her innocently as if she was too tired to argue.

Han Qingwan said, “At that time, you had an affair with Lu Yaode.

The impact of this matter was very bad.

You were a female celebrity, and Lu Yaode was the general manager of Lu Group.

If it was exposed, the two of you would be ruined and doomed.

“And the reason you tried to kill Tan Qing and her family was that Tan Qing had discovered your affair.

She even advised you to turn back.

When you refused to do so, she gave you a final warning.

She told you that if you didnt break up with Lu Yaode, she would tell me what was going on.

She would even tell the media.

She wanted to stop you from destroying my family.

“As Tan Qings relationship with me was better than her relationship with you, you knew to take her words seriously.

“Because of that, you resented her.

In addition, you were afraid that she would expose your scandal, so you planned to conspire to have her killed.

That way, she would take your scandal to her coffin and you would never have to worry about anyone finding out.

“So, Tian Xin, you were the one who started this whole thing!

“Youre the murderer!”

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