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Chapter 1301: Special GiftTranslator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

“I heard that Han Qingwans car accident case hasnt been resolved yet, right Shes already attending a public event Could it really be as the outside world said, that this matter has been left unsettled”

Everyones reaction was similar to the netizens reaction previously.

It was indeed difficult to clear Han Qingwans name.

It was normal for everyone to have something against her.

Seeing her walk over, Tian Xin also said, “Heting is Yaodes son.

We naturally welcome him.

However, Ms.

Han, Im afraid its not convenient for you to appear here today.

Therefore, forgive us for not being able to receive you.”

Since the hostess had already spoken, everyone naturally thought that Han Qingwan would leave immediately.

However, Han Qingwan didnt leave.

Instead, she stood with Lu Heting.

She was already over 50 years old, and time had left its mark on her face.

However, she had a graceful temperament.

Standing beside Lu Heting, she looked dignified and outstanding.

She said, “I came with Heting.

I came today to give you a gift.”

Tian Xin was secretly a little afraid of Han Qingwan.

Hearing her say this, she couldnt just chase her away.

She could only smile and say, “In that case, please sit in the front row.

Were going to carry out the ribbon-cutting ceremony now.”

“I want to give you this gift now, in front of everyone,” Han Qingwan said.

“Just like the gift you gave me back then in front of so many people.

I cant possibly not return your kindness, right”

Tian Xin remained calm.

“What kind of gift is it It must be a special gift considering its from you.

Id like to see it.”

“Its very special.

And this gift can only be given to you alone.

Its valuable and meaningful,” Han Qing said calmly.

When she said that, the audience was curious.

They wondered what kind of gift it was.

The guests curiosity was piqued, and countless eyes turned in their direction.

Xiao Bai kept holding Su Beis hand and said excitedly, “I wonder what Mr.

Lu is going to do.

Im really looking forward to it.

I didnt expect that when they met again, it wouldnt be a catfight.

Instead, theyd be smiling at each other and even giving each other gifts.

I really dont understand the world of the rich.

But Im still looking forward to it.”

Su Beis gaze fell on Lu Heting.

He seemed to sense her gaze.

He looked up at her and glanced at her.

The two of them were telepathic.

With just a glance, they felt each others concern and love.

Han Qingwan said, “This gift is very simple.

The person who killed my best friend in a car accident is you, Tian Xin.”

The crowd erupted at her words.

“How is that possible Han Qingwan actually said that Tian Xin did that without any evidence”

“This is unbelievable, isnt it What kind of big catfight is this”

“Im a little dizzy.

What the hell is going on Are we about to see the exciting scene of them identifying the killer”

Lu Yaodes face darkened as he said sternly, “Han Qingwan! For the sake of raising Heting, Ive never argued with you, but youre ignoring my kindness and slandering my wife for no reason.

Youre not welcome here today.

Leave immediately!”

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