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Chapter 1300: Put On Airs EverywhereTranslator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

“This time, I chose to come to the capital to establish this new company.

Firstly, its because Im concerned about my homeland.

Secondly, its also because I originally lived and grew up here.

I cant bring myself to leave this place.

“Thank you for your support.

Yaode Corporation will work hard with you to achieve good results.”

There was a round of applause from the audience.

Lu Yaode smiled and said, “Our businesses might overlap with Lu Group, but everyone knows that Im from the Lu family and am used to these businesses.

Even if we overlap, its inevitable.


Everyone laughed.

Someone replied, “Thats normal.

After all, you had those experiences when you were young.

We acknowledge CEO Lus ability.”

“Come, let me toast everyone.”

Lu Tianci, Lu Tianqing, and Tianxin also raised their glasses and smiled at everyone.

After a round of toasts, Lu Yaode said, “Now, I announce that Tianci Corporation is officially established! We will conduct the ribbon-cutting ceremony—”

Halfway through his sentence, a surprised voice came from below the stage.

“Is that Lu Heting Am I seeing things”


Lu Mr.

Lu is here! Its true! Hes more handsome than in those photos.

Quick, turn on your phone!”

“Its true.

With this mans height, he must be the real Lu Heting!”

The people in the back row were no longer in the mood to listen to Lu Yaode.

There was a small commotion when Lu Heting entered.

Everyone was out of their seats as they watched and took photos.


Originally, Lu Heting was very low-key and not many people recognized him.

However, after the previous incident where his photos were revealed, he was already famous in everyones hearts.

His presence and aura were very strong, so he naturally attracted everyones attention the moment he appeared.

“Wow, hes really handsome!” Someone was dumbfounded.

Lu Heting strode in.

His tall and straight body was dressed in a high-end suit.

He raised his eyes and glanced into the distance.

His powerful aura made people not dare to make any noise.

He had the temperament of someone who had been in a high position for a long time.

It made people lower their heads in front of him.

Lu Yaode was very dissatisfied with this sudden turn in events.

What was Lu Heting doing here

Tian Xin said, “Honey, dont worry too much.

Lu Group is his.

Theres nothing we can do about it.

But is Tianci Corporation also his This is our family matter today.

He cant interfere.”

“Of course.

Can he still rely on the Lu familys foundation to put on airs everywhere he goes” Lu Yaode snorted.

Tian Xin said gently, “Hes your son, after all.

You should greet him properly.

Lets not be rude.”

Lu Yaode said loudly, “Lu Heting, are you here today to celebrate the establishment of my company Youre my son, so its only right for you to come here.

If theres no problem, please sit in the front row.”

Tian Xin also smiled and said, “Assistant, please arrange a seat for Mr.


I really didnt expect him to come.

I was afraid that you would be busy, so I didnt invite you.

If I had known, we would have sent the invitation.”

“Its not necessary to get me a seat.

Im not here today to congratulate you.”

After Lu Heting finished speaking, Han Qingwan appeared at the door.

Seeing Han Qingwan appear, Lu Yaodes and Tianxins expressions changed slightly.

The people below the stage also whispered, “Its fine if Lu Heting is here, but why is Han Qingwan here”

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