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Chapter 130: Chapter130 Everyone Had a Sad Face

“Im fine,” Lu Heting said in a low voice.

But obviously, he didnt look well.

Of course, he was not okay!

His heart was crashing and churning like a giant wave was surging inside.

Su Bei knew that something was wrong, so she asked softly, “Do you want to eat something first and have a rest”

“No, thanks.

I have something to deal with in the company, so Ill leave now.” Lu Heting rejected her kindness.

He then turned around and went out.

There was a deep solitude over his tall back.

Su Bei didnt understand what was going on.

He was fine when they boarded the plane.

She slept during the entire flight.

Did something happen in such a short time

If something happened, it must have something to do with the company.

Maybe he was in a bad mood because Lu Weijian asked him to work as soon as he came back from the United States.

Su Bei understood him.

No one would feel happy to work overtime after a long trip.

“Your daddy has to work overtime, so he must be very tired.

Lets cook something delicious for him, okay” Su Bei said softly, gently stroking Gun Guns head.

“Okay,” Gun Gun replied happily, blinking his big eyes.

Anything he did with Su Bei made him happy and brightened up his mood.

Su Bei then called Da Bao.

The little boys voice was cold as ever.

“Im doing what I like to do, Xiao Bei.

Dont worry about me.”

“Ill see you tomorrow then.

Ive bought the latest computer software for you.

The one youve always wanted.”


Thank you, Xiao Bei,” Da Bao replied while killing one of his opponents in the computer game.


The sound of victory was heard from the computer.

On the other side, Lu Weijian wailed.

What bad luck was in him during this period First, the financial system of the company had been attacked by a master hacker.

And now, he only wanted to play games, but he always met a strong opponent and lost in the games.

While he was whining, his assistant trotted over and said, “Mr.

Weijian, your brother is back!”

“Hes back” Lu Weijian abruptly stood up and turned off his computer.

“Yes, he is back.

But he looks very glum.

As soon as he came back, he checked everything.

And now, everyone in the company is trembling in fear.

Theyre all scared that Mr.

Lu would find something wrong in their work and get angry.”

Lu Weijian coughed lightly and walked out of his office.

Sure enough, the whole company was already filled with grief.

Everyone had a sad face.

Lu Heting was checking their work.

Indeed, it was a big deal.

Everyone knew that he was always focused on details.

He had high standards because he strived for perfection.

His eyes were so sharp that he could easily point out mistakes.

Every time he wanted to check their work, they all rattled.

Besides, his gloomy face brought terror to their hearts.

Seeing Lu Weijian come out, everyone looked at him as if they were asking for help.



But Lu Weijian also looked helpless.

Of course, he was afraid of his brother too.

He wouldnt dare to go to Lu Heting and make trouble unless he was fully aware of what had really happened.

He looked through the crowd.

Then he saw that Lu Heting was sitting in his office.

The people in front of him were all the companys middle and high-level employees.

Someone handed a project plan to Lu Heting.

He just glanced at it and said coldly, “Based on your plan, this building will be demolished three years after it is built.

Are you sure there are no safety hazards in your plan Give me a new plan in an hour!”


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