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Chapter 1298: For Being A HooliganTranslator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Su Bei returned from the bathroom and quickly returned to her seat.

Although she had no problem defeating Lu Tianci, she knew in her heart that if Lu Tianci had called over many bodyguards, something would have happened.

I was a little careless.

I shouldnt have gone to the bathroom alone.

Seeing that she didnt look too good, Xiao Bai quickly asked, “Su Bei, are you okay”

Im fine, Im fine.

I just had a little trouble.

“Ah What trouble I should have gone along with you.

What happened”

“Fortunately, its nothing serious.

Lu Tianci tried to poach me to his company.

I refused.”

“He didnt give you a hard time, did he” Xiao Bai was nervous.

“He doesnt have the time or the guts to do anything on such an occasion today.” Thinking of this, Su Bei finally calmed down.

Lu Tianci indeed didnt have the time to do anything to her today.

And he would never have that chance again.

However, when she thought about how he had pinched her wrist, Su Bei still felt a little disgust.

She took out a tissue and wiped the nonexistent stain on her wrist.

The people at the side were discussing in low voices.

“Dont you know that Tianci Corporation also has the capital injection of Haohan Investment Haohan Investment has always been an excellent investment company overseas.

It earns money from whatever it invests in.

So this time, Tianci Corporation will definitely succeed.”

“With the establishment of the Tianci Corporation, Lu Group will be in trouble.

I really didnt expect the pair of father and son to fight like this.”


“Whats there to be surprised about Han Qingwan killed her best friends family.

This matter cant be washed away, right Han Qingwans son is definitely not a good person.

Lu Yaode probably doesnt want to live with such a mother and son, so he became independent.”

“In that case, Lu Yaodes actions are understandable I heard that Tian Xin is a mistress, but it seems that Tian Xin and Lu Yaode didnt do anything wrong, right If I were Lu Yaode, I would also be afraid of those people around me.”

“No matter what, Im very optimistic about the future development of Tianci Corporation.

With Feng Zes investment, I have to get my hands on Tianci Corporations shares as soon as possible.”

“Take me with you.

Count me in.”

“A chance like this wont come again! Count me in too.

You guys can buy more shares.

Ill just buy a few.”

Su Bei pursed her lips helplessly when she heard Feng Zes name being mentioned.

As she was thinking, XIao Bai pulled her arm and said, “Look, Lu Tianci is here! Compared to Mr.

Lu, Lu Tianci is really much worse.

However, hes indeed very handsome among ordinary people.

Perhaps its because Tian Xins genes are not bad.”

Seeing Lu Tianci, Su Beis wrist felt a little uncomfortable.

However, when she thought about how she had punched him, she felt that they were even.

Unfortunately, she was too anxious at that time.

That punch should have been aimed directly at his face for daring to act like a hooligan with her.

With this thought in mind, Su Bei looked at Lu Tianci and realized that his face seemed to be a little swollen.

It seemed that he had really been punched.

However, perhaps because he had always looked bloated, Su Bei didnt pay much attention to his appearance.

She couldnt tell if he was born like that or if he had been punched.

Xiao Bai added, “Su Bei, look, Lu Tianci seems to be injured.

It looks like hes seriously injured.”

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