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Chapter 1296: Dont Want To Serve!Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

There were turbulent waves hidden in the mans noble eyes.

The half-melted ice collided with the waves in his deep eyes.

He was thin and tall.

When he spoke, he only lowered his eyes slightly.

“It was your right hand, right”

“What” Although Lu Tianci was angry, he couldnt help but answer Feng Zes question.

Under that mans aura, it was as if all resistance was futile.

“You grabbed Su Beis hand just now,” Feng Ze repeated as if it was a trivial matter.

“Yes.” Lu Tianci had nothing to hide.

“Break two of your fingers yourself and I can pretend this never happened.”

Lu Tianci stood up angrily.

“Is there something wrong with your brain What does Su Bei have to do with you Listen carefully, Feng Ze.

Youre just a business partner of ours.

You still have to watch your behavior around me! Do you think youre the worlds police My father is timid and listens to you, but I dont have to! If you like to cut peoples fingers so much, why dont you cut yours off”

When Feng Ze heard him, he didnt bother to argue.

He reached out and slowly picked up his dagger.

He turned around and walked away slowly.

His footsteps seemed comfortable as if he were taking a leisurely stroll.

Lu Tianci was stunned.

His curses seemed to have been completely ineffective.

What… Whats going on

He watched Feng Ze leave.

Could Feng Ze really be a man who looked strong on the outside but was actually weak on the inside Was his usual aura just an act


Lu Tianci was in a daze when his phone rang.

The urgent ringtone spread quickly through the air.

He picked it up impatiently.

“Hello, what is it”

Lu Yaode sounded a little anxious.

“Tianci, what did you do to offend Feng Ze Are you out of your mind I told you to get along with him.

What did you do”

“What did I do What exactly happened”

“Hes divesting!” Lu Yaode was so anxious that his voice was out of tune.

“Hes withdrawing everything!”

Lu Tianci was also stunned.

“So be it! I dont want to serve him anymore!”

“What nonsense are you talking about! If he withdraws, how can Tianci Corporation open You have to know that Feng Ze alone owns more than half of the 40% shares of Lu Group that we own! If he doesnt have us, he can find anyone else to work with! But if we dont have him, we wont be able to find anyone else! How can we open a company then!” Lu Yaodes words almost shattered Lu Tiancis eardrums through the phone.

Lu Tiancis hand slowly fell from his ear.

It turned out that he had really underestimated Feng Ze!

It turned out that he did have the right to order him around!

“Lu Tianci, are you still listening I order you to apologize to Feng Ze immediately and salvage this matter! Otherwise, our family will lose everything and sleep on the streets!”

Even though he had already held the phone far away, Lu Yaodes voice was too fierce and loud.

These words still entered Lu Tiancis ears.

The words hit his eardrums, making his mind buzz.

Outside, there were still a lot of guests and investors waiting to attend the founding ceremony of Tianci Corporation.

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