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Chapter 1295: You Hit MeTranslator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

“Think carefully.

Lu Group has never invested much in their entertainment company, and theyve never been optimistic about the future development of Di Xing Media.

With your good aptitude, theres no need for you to fight to the death over there.

Tianyi Media will give you more resources.”


Lu, I appreciate your kindness, but Im really sorry as I cant accept your kindness.”

Lu Tianci curled his lips into a mocking smile.

“Su Bei, whats so good about Di Xing Media that makes you loyal to them”

“Its not about that.

Its just the right thing to do,” she said before continuing to walk past him.

Lu Tianci reached out and grabbed her wrist.

Su Beis reaction was extremely fast.

With the professional training she had received, Lu Tianci was no match for her.

She threw a punch at Lu Tiancis abdomen.

The tall Lu Tianci felt the pain and let go of her wrist.

He held his abdomen and bent down.

His expression was as ugly as a pigs liver.

He gritted his teeth and yelled, “Su Bei, how dare you!”

“Im sorry, Mr.


The company arranged for me to attend self-defense classes.” Su Bei was still smiling as if she was just joking with him.

“If theres nothing else, Ill leave first.”

The two bodyguards rushed over and stopped Su Bei.

Lu Tianci did not expect Su Bei to be such a tough nut to crack.

On this occasion, he did not want to cause any more trouble.

He said to them, “Let her leave!”

The two bodyguards stepped aside for her.

She quickly disappeared down the corridor.

Lu Tianci had already straightened his back and sneered.

“Hmph, Ill make you cry and beg for mercy after this! Lets go.”

The bodyguards followed behind Lu Tianci.

Just as Lu Tianci turned around to leave, he was punched in the face.


He was hit in the face and cursed in pain, “Who dares to lay a hand on me here!”

He was in tears from the beating.

He couldnt control his physical reaction.

When he finally opened his eyes, he saw that the person standing in front of him was Feng Ze.

Feng Zes eyes were indifferent, and his face was as calm as ever.

His ordinary white shirt gave him a noble and distant aura.

“Feng Ze You hit me” Lu Tianci was even more furious.

Usually, Feng Ze was arrogant and ordered him around like a subordinate.

Now, he actually still had such an attitude.

Lu Tianci said angrily, “Are you f*cking crazy Did I offend you”

“Yes, you did.” Feng Ze looked into the depths of the corridor, but Su Bei was no longer there.

Although Lu Tianci had not taken advantage of Su Bei and she had the ability to protect herself, this did not mean that what Lu Tianci had done was right or that Feng Zes anger could be appeased.

“When did I offend you”

“Just now,” Feng Ze said as he kicked Lu Tianci again.

This time, Lu Tianci fell to his knees.

Two bodyguards hurriedly stopped Feng Ze.

Feng Ze looked at the two bodyguards coldly.

The two bodyguards subconsciously let go of him and did not dare to stop him.

“You f*cking…” Lu Tianci cursed angrily.

A dagger was thrown in front of him.

Clang! The crisp sound of metal and floorboards hitting each other rang out.

It was a chilling sound that hurt ones eardrums.

This stopped Lu Tianci from cursing.

He looked up and met Feng Zes gaze.

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