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Chapter 1294: No Plans To Jump ShipTranslator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Xiao Bai took out her phone and said, “Su Bei, many of my friends are buying shares of Tianci Corporation.

They all say that well definitely make a lot of money after buying them.

Do you want to buy them”

“Im not buying.”

“You wont even take such a good opportunity”

Su Bei smiled.

“Are you sure you can make money using this method”

“Although its a little inappropriate to say this, Tianci Corporations prospects look really good.

Previously, Mr.

Lu was almost defeated by them.

In addition, Han Qingwans matter is also trending.

My friends said that we cant have personal feelings when buying shares.

After all, money is a separate matter.”

Su Bei said seriously, “I suggest you dont buy them.

Try to convince your friends too if you can.”

“Why” Xiao Bai looked confused.

Su Bei had never been a busybody.

It was definitely not because she had fought with Tian Xin and Lu Tianqing.

“Its just a feeling.” Su Bei smiled.

“They say that theres risk in the stock market, and you have to be careful when investing.

Thats what I mean as well.”

Xiao Bai thought for a moment and agreed.

“Then Ill persuade them not to buy the shares.

I wont buy them myself either.

Its safer to save the money in the bank.

After all, its my hard-earned money.”

“Wait here for me.

I have to go to the bathroom.” She stood up and handed her bag to Xiao Bai.

“Okay, okay.” Xiao Bai nodded.

Su Bei went to the bathroom to wash her hands and tidy her hair before turning to leave.

Between the lobby and the bathroom was an extra-long passageway that required a turn.

She hurried outside.


A familiar figure walked over.

It was Lu Tianci with two bodyguards beside him.

Su Bei didnt expect to meet him here.

She looked down at her path and quickly left.

Lu Tianci stretched out his arm and leaned against the wall.

His face was handsome, but the frivolousness in his eyes made Su Bei feel a little uncomfortable.

Su Bei had no intention of interacting with him.

She turned to the other side, intending to walk around him and leave.

However, before she could circle around, Lu Tianci propped himself against the other side of the wall.


Lu, please make way.”

Lu Tianci gave a look, and the two bodyguards behind him retreated to the far entrance of the passage.

This meant that not only did they intend to block Su Bei, but they also wanted to prevent anyone outside from entering.

Su Beis eyes darkened.

She understood Lu Tiancis intentions and felt relieved.

She laughed.

“What are you up to”

Lu Tianci lowered his head and looked at Su Bei.

The little face in front of him was as beautiful as a lotus flower.

Her lips were as tender and delicate as roses.

He had noticed Su Bei before, but at that time, he was not anxious at all.

After taking over Lu Group, Di Xing Media Company would be his, and Su Bei would naturally be his too.

But now, his plans for Lu Group were ruined, and many of Lu Tiancis plans had disappeared.

The woman standing in front of him was so delicious, but she was in a company belonging to Lu Heting, a man who only liked men.

It was such a waste.

Lu Tianci smiled.

“Su Bei, after Tianci Corporation is established, well increase our investment in Tianyi Media.

All the artists in Tianyi Media will benefit from this.

Are you interested in coming to our side Ill help you settle the breach of contract.”

“Im sorry, but Im doing fine.

I have no plans to jump ship.”

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