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Chapter 1293: Otherwise, How Could It Be Called DreamingTranslator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Sheng Xiaotang understood.

“Rich men nowadays have indeed seen everything.

The women they keep by their sides are just their playthings.

If those women want them to get married to them, that means theyre cunning.

Those men are even better at guarding against women than thieves.

Its normal that they refuse to marry those women.”

Tang Yue agreed.

“Of course.

Besides, the entertainment industry is so chaotic.

Everyone knows that a woman will be tainted if shes in the industry.

Su Bei isnt like you, Xiaotang.

She got her family involved in the entertainment industry.

Its impossible for the mans family to like her.”

Sheng Xiaotang was pleased by Tang Yues words and smiled.

“Forget it, lets not talk about her anymore.

Lets not ruin our moods.”

Initially, she had treated Su Bei as a competitor.

Now, it seemed that she had worried too much.

There was no need to go against Su Bei.

Tang Yue stopped talking.

Coincidentally, Su Bei and Xiao Bai walked up to her.

She smiled and said, “Su Bei, I didnt expect to see you here.


These words brought her closer to Lu Tianqing and placed her in the position of hostess.

Su Bei nodded in greeting.

Tang Yue walked in front of Su Bei and pointed her to a seat.

“You and your assistant can sit over there.”

“Thank you,” Su Bei said politely.

Tang Yue smiled.

“Why didnt you answer Moms calls when something so serious happened The whole family was worried about you.”

When she said that she was worried, it was obvious that she did not care at all.

She was completely gloating.

It was completely different from Tang Xinrus concern.

Su Bei ignored her.

Tang Yue continued, “Actually, thats normal.

You know that a family like that wont easily compromise when it comes to selecting a daughter-in-law.

But it doesnt matter.

I think you should be mentally prepared.

Its fine.

The next time I see a good man, Ill introduce him to you.”

Su Bei tilted her head and smiled, her eyes bright.

“You should keep the good ones for yourself.”

The meaning behind her words was that Tang Yue herself was not good enough, so what right did she have to say such things to Su Bei

Tang Yues expression did not change.

The problem Su Bei was facing now was too great.

It was enough for Tang Yue to tease her for many years, so she did not mind Su Beis sharp tongue.

“Su Bei, Im doing this for your own good.

Its better not to have unrealistic dreams,” Tang Yue advised earnestly.

Ever since Su Bei defeated her in the Tang familys business competition, she had been unable to raise her head for a long time.

However, everything was different now.

Su Bei had suffered a loss in terms of her relationship, while Tang Yue had gotten a large sum of shares in Tianci Corporation with Sheng Xiaotang.

Tianci Corporation had a lot of funds and had just been listed.

The situation was favorable.

When the time came, she would sell the original shares and earn a large sum of money.

Her life would be smooth sailing and she would be proud of it.

“If its a dream, of course, its unrealistic,” Su Bei said.

“Otherwise, how can it be called a dream”

Tang Yue was not angry at being rebuked.

Instead, she smiled happily.

“Then go ahead and sit.

Ill go help greet the guests.”

As soon as she left, Xiao Bai couldnt help but say, “Su Bei, thats your sister.

Why was she talking so strangely She made me feel uncomfortable watching her.”

“Your gut feeling is right.

Shes that kind of person.”

“Why is there such a big difference even though youre both from the same family” Xiao Bai said as she looked at Tang Yues back.

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