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Chapter 1290: Stop Acting On Your OwnTranslator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

“No wonder she became the movie queen back then.

She really knows how to ride on trends.

She even wants to ride on this hot topic.” Lu Weijian couldnt stand Tian Xins face.

“Brother, are you really not going to care about this woman”

Lu Heting said, “Let her continue.”

Lu Weijian was about to die of anger.

His mother-son relationship with Han Qingwan was not ruined by what had happened the last time.

From the bottom of his heart, he still respected Han Qingwan.

Seeing her being slandered like this, he felt terrible.

“What exactly is your plan, Big Brother”

“Im working on that too.

All I can tell you is that this time, the truth will come out.”

Lu Weijian was finally happy.

“Then Ill wait for your good news.

By the way, Ill go back and accompany Mom.

She must be feeling terrible at this time.”

“Go on.”

When Lu Heting returned home, Su Bei was also browsing the relevant news.

When she saw him coming in, she put down her phone.

“Are you looking into this” she asked.

“Yes, were getting somewhere.”

Su Bei said nervously, “It has nothing to do with Mom, right I think one thing is right.

At that time, Moms career and family life were going very smoothly.

Even if she had some personal conflict with her best friend, she definitely wouldnt have resorted to such a despicable method to harm those peoples lives.

How much hatred must there have been for one to do such a thing”

“Youre right.

Continue with your train of thought.

Actually, you can see issues in many things.

However, everything depends on evidence.

Otherwise, one wont be able to feel at ease or convince others.”

“So, are you now at the stage of gathering evidence”

“Yes.” Lu Heting reached out and stroked her hair.

“This stage is very important.

I cant tell anyone for the time being, but I can tell you something.”

Su Bei nodded gently and immediately fell silent, leaning her ear close.

Lu Heting was amused by her cute actions.

Even when he was busy with work, she was like a ray of bright sunlight that shone onto him and added warmth and color to his life.

Lu Tianci paid attention to the share price of Lu Group.

As he watched it fall bit by bit, he felt happy.

Originally, Lu Yaode and Tianxin did not agree to release this video, but Lu Tianci insisted on doing it.

He was anxious about losing and wanted to find a way to take revenge on Lu Heting.

Hence, he secretly released the video.

Lu Yaode and Tian Xin could only let him be.

It was just that the effect was even better than theyd expected.

Maybe the netizens were too righteous, or maybe some of them had a serious grudge against the rich.

Perhaps there were other reasons too.

Anyway, all the results were satisfactory.

Even Lu Yaode did not expect public opinion to be so powerful.

It was far stronger than when he was young.

The shares of Lu Group were falling day by day, and the company was unable to stop this momentum.

When Feng Ze called, Lu Tianci was feeling smug.

“Who told you to release the video” Feng Zes voice was so cold that it made people shiver even though it was just a call.

The person who answered the phone was Lu Yaode.

He was much more cautious than Lu Tianci.

He said, “I didnt educate my son well in this matter.

But as you can see, the situation is very good.

Lu Group is suddenly forced to face a huge crisis.

This is what you want to see, right”

“Next time, dont act on your own.” Feng Zes words were so cold that Lu Yaode subconsciously tightened his grip on his phone.

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