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Chapter 1289: Fight To The EndTranslator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

His mothers grievances would eventually be washed away.

That day wouldnt be too far away.

They just had to wait for the right time.

Now, the bigger the fuss, the better.

When the time came, the person who would have a hard time ending it would be the real murderer, not himself or the entire Lu Group.

Lu Weijian quickly took out his phone.

Sure enough, although Lu Group and the police had made a statement that they had investigated this matter long ago, there was no clear evidence that could clear Han Qingwans name.

They said that Han Qingwan had killed her best friends family, which was why this matter was suppressed.

Everyone got even angrier.

They did not believe the statements at all.

[See What did I say Money makes the world go round.

Lu Heting made arrangements long ago.

Its impossible for his mother to be in jail.

The law is to protect the rich and powerful.]

[Im so disappointed! Ive followed this cold case before.

All those years ago, I kept wondering why there was no clear explanation for a simple case of a car crash.

Why couldnt we find clues or the killer Now, I understand.

It wasnt that we couldnt find the person.

It was just that the killers background was so strong that no one dared to investigate.

Anyway, Ive seen through it.

Im disappointed.]

[An entire family was wiped out.

I really cant accept this disappointing world.]

[Sigh, Ive finally seen through Lu Group.

They actually faked such a thing.

If they can fake it, what else cant they fake]

[We can only disperse.

What else can we do]

[Why should we How can they do that That poor family suffered at their hands and no one spoke up for them.

What if something like that happens to us tomorrow Who will speak up for us then Should the rich and powerful enjoy privileges like this]

[Yes, we must punish the murderer severely!]

[Lu Group must give an explanation!]

[I wont give up until this is over.]

The people on the internet were very righteous.

There had to be an outcome.

However, they refused to believe the outcome they were shown.

These comments made Lu Weijian furious.

“Then what do you want What do you know Oh, if it doesnt match your imagination, it must not be the truth, right”

He scrolled for a while and saw that Tian Xin had actually appeared at this moment.

Tian Xin directly posted on Weibo, saying that he was also very good friends with the deceased.

Back then, she had always been very regretful that she did not find the murderer.

She hoped that this time, with this case being so important to everyone, they would find the murderer as soon as possible so that justice could be given to her good friend.

As a public figure, her speech happened to be in line with the publics emotions this time.

Hence, it gave everyone a good impression of her.

The comments below supported her.

[Youre so kind and beautiful.

You deserve to be famous!]

[I was a little unhappy with you in the past.

I was really blind.

It turns out youre a person with a heart of justice! I apologize.

Ill always support you in the future!]

[Come on, lets get justice for the dead together.]

[Protect yourself.

Justice will come eventually!]

[So she was your friend.

I hope you can fight with us to the end.]

As Tian Xin was the movie queen of the past, this topic quickly became a trending topic.

Things started brewing again as the matter escalated to new heights.

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