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Chapter 1288: Dont Worry, Itll Be SettledTranslator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Xiao Bai said, “Su Bei, dont worry too much.

Di Xing Media Company has its own business, so it might not be affected by the share price of the head office.

I think this matter will come to light eventually.”

Su Bei nodded.

She guessed that Feng Ze would never do such a thing.

Regardless of his personality, he was a gentleman.

Even if he wanted to take revenge on Han Qingwan, he had never made this matter public before.

He had only resolved it in private.

Moreover, with his personality, he was probably unwilling to have his personal matters discussed and monitored in public.

Hence, the person who might have released this video was Lu Yaodes family.

Worried, she immediately called Lu Heting.

He didnt answer.

After a while, he texted back.

[In a meeting.

Dont worry.

Itll all work out.]

Su Bei felt a little more at ease now.

Xiao Bai and Qiao Mei were still discussing this matter when Qiao Mei said, “Ive seen Han Qingwan once.

She looks very elegant and doesnt look like someone who would do such a thing.”

But Xiao Bai said, “You cant judge a book by its cover.

Who knows exactly what kind of person she is Besides, the reason why rich people are rich is that they have some powerful means that ordinary people cant possibly imagine.”

“Even so, Han Qingwan had already married into the Lu family back then and even given birth to Mr.


She had everything she wanted.

Why would she attack her best friends family What was so dangerous about this best friend of hers” Qiao Mei said.

This was also a question that Su Bei had never figured out.

Xiao Bai said, “Thats true.

But who knows what went on behind the scenes Its better for the police to investigate the matter in order to seek justice for the victims.

But the best friends family is really too pitiful.

Sigh, this cold case was even mentioned in a legal show in the past.

I didnt expect there to be such progress now.”

Su Bei spoke to Qiao Mei for a while more before turning to leave.

The internet was abuzz.

Many people tagged the police and asked them to give them justice and deal with the matter seriously.

Actually, the police had already investigated this matter.

Han Qingwan had also cooperated and stayed with them for a long time.

Unfortunately, there was no direct evidence to prove that Han Qingwan had done it.

Now, the police were also under a lot of pressure.

The netizens were getting agitated and were forcing them to give an explanation.

However, even if they released a statement out now, no one would believe them, right

Helpless, they could only ask Lu Heting for help.

Lu Heting said, “Tell the truth.

Well give an explanation.

Please announce the results of the previous investigation.”

Putting down the phone, Lu Heting frowned.

Lu Weijian said, “Fortunately, weve already cooperated with the investigation.

Can you shut these people up now”

Lu Heting looked up at him.

“No, the outcome will only be worse.”


“Right now, people dont believe us at all.

Even if the police give a statement, theyll just think its fake and that we bribed our contacts.

When the crowd is riled, everyone wants to believe only what they believe.”

“Ah… Then well be adding fuel to the fire.” Lu Weijian was stunned.

Lu Heting understood that even if he was adding fuel to the fire, he could only do so.

He had to give an explanation, or his credibility would be questioned.

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