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Chapter 1287: Utter DisappointmentTranslator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Just as Su Bei was busy discussing an event with Qiao Mei, Xiao Bai came over with her phone.

As she walked, she said, “Sister Qiao Mei, do you know about this big news I wonder if Lu Group can survive it.”

“What is it” Su Bei asked immediately.

Seeing that she was interested, Xiao Bai directly handed the phone to her and said, “Someone released a big piece of news.

They said that Mr.

Lus mother, Han Qingwan, killed her best friend and her husband in a car accident back then.

Even the child wasnt spared.

They made it sound so convincing and even gave us the simulation video from back then.

Looking at this video, it seems to be true.

If thats really the case, I wonder if well be affected After all, we also rely on the headquarters for a living.”

Su Bei had already seen the video that Feng Ze had given Han Qingwan.

This video was very realistic.

Those who had watched it would easily be drawn into it and have a bad impression of Han Qingwan.

The comments below were already very rude.

[I really didnt expect rich people like them to have reached the point of forsaking lives.

If this is true, she must be severely punished!]

[What kind of fake friendship is that You cant let people like that go just because theyre rich.]

Han Qingwan had previously cooperated with the investigation because of this matter.

Some people also knew about the investigation back then.

However, the impact of the incident back then was very small and did not attract widespread attention.

However, those in the know also stepped out to expose the truth.

[Forget it, everyone.

Dont think about it anymore.

Do you think Han Qingwan is an ordinary rich person Dont forget that her son is Lu Heting! The leader of Lu Group! Hes a man who can affect the entire Asian economy! This matter was mentioned back then, but it was quickly dropped.

It was Lu Heting who personally came to bail Han Qingwan out.

I advise you not to think too much about it and take care of yourself.]

[These rich people are so disappointing.

Theyre a disappointment to our country.]

[How disappointing!]

[But I can understand Lu Hetings actions.

Can you watch your mother go to jail Its easier said than done, right]

[Whats wrong with that I dont have a murderer mother! Not everyone has the heart to kill, okay]


[I still want to stand on Lu Hetings side.

I cant hate such a person.]

[Im willing to be Lu Hetings dog for the rest of my life.]

[Are you all f*cking retarded You wont realize what youre doing unless youre taught a lesson, huh]

[You people must be suffering from brain damage.

Set aside your fangirling and go back.

We have to punish the murderer severely!]

[Severely punish the murderer!]

Su Bei could tell that this matter had really blown up.

It was not something that could be resolved with a few words.

The matter between Lu Heting and Lu Bei last time was just a personal matter, and the choice was entirely up to the individual.

This time, it was not so simple.

This was already a serious matter of human lives.

It was completely reasonable for everyone to react so violently.

Su Beis heart skipped a beat.

She immediately went to check the share price of Lu Group.

As expected, it had fallen drastically after the news came out.

Lu Groups share price usually rose and fell.

The range of rise and fall was very normal, but today, it was falling in a straight line.

After all, such an incident would affect the shareholders expectations of the entire group.

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