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Chapter 1286: Been A Fan For A WhileTranslator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Su Bei put down the spoon and said seriously, “Although Heting has resolved this matter, he had to put in a lot of effort to completely resolve it.

Outsiders cant possibly imagine it.

“He respected you very much, especially since you had raised him and accompanied him growing up.

He did not say a word about your mistake in this matter.

You want to apologize because you want to gain his understanding.

“Hell certainly forgive you, but only you will feel better when he forgives you.

Have you ever wondered how he will feel

“Can you give him the time to move past this”

Old Madam Lu held her teacup and fell silent for a long time.

Su Bei continued to stir her coffee with the spoon, which clinked against the cup.

“I was indeed wrong,” Old Madam Lu said in a low voice.

However, she had also looked at the source of her mistake.

Was it wrong to love her other child

She just didnt want the Lu familys bloodline to grow further apart.

Was that wrong

“Su Bei, after you become an elder, youll understand my painstaking efforts.

Which elder will choose not to love their child” she murmured.

Su Bei sighed softly.

After a long time, she said, “But loving those with questionable character is a mistake.

The love youre giving isnt love but a murderous knife.”

Old Madam Lu looked at her in shock.


She stood up and said, “Ill go now.

Enjoy your tea.”

She turned around and left.

Old Madam Lu looked at her back and could not withdraw herself from her thoughts for a long time.

When Su Bei went to Di Xing Media Company, she found that the newer male artists were very fond of dressing up.

Moreover, some managers seemed to be more inclined to sign male artists.

For a moment, there were many new male artists.

Qiao Mei smiled helplessly and said, “After seeing Mr.

Lu and Lu Beis photos, some people think that they would have such good luck too.

When the time comes, they might even be fancied by a big shot.

Even their managers are a little confused.”


Lu only comes to Di Xing Media Company once every few years.

I wonder where they think theyll get their luck from.” Su Bei also smiled.

“I know, right”

Su Bei smiled and said, “But the new artists are quite eye-catching.”

“After all, theyre all people who look like Lu Bei.

Of course, theyre eye-catching.

However, theres not a single one whos masculine.

Theyre all cute little dogs.

When the time comes, therell be too many cute little dogs in the entire market.

No, I have to take the opportunity to nurture one or two male artists as well.

At that time, Ill definitely be able to gain a foothold.” Qiao Mei had already seen a business opportunity.

Su Bei smiled as well.

She was definitely not masculine.

She successfully disguised herself as a man by getting her gaze right, but her overall physique was thin.

It was not easy to be masculine.

Qiao Mei suddenly asked, “By the way, dont you know Lu Bei Has he really left the industry or signed a contract with someone I had a friend whos been a fan of his for a while.

She keeps asking me for his information.”

“Its been too long.

Im not sure anymore,” Su Bei said perfunctorily.

She did not want to escalate this matter.

She would pretend not to know in case she made more mistakes.

Qiao Mei only asked casually.

She didnt really want to ask about the situation.

Seeing that Su Bei didnt know, she changed the topic and talked about work.

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