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Chapter 1285: ReconciliationTranslator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Hearing Feng Zes name, Su Bei gripped the steering wheel tightly and didnt say anything else.

Helplessness flashed across her delicate eyes.

Lu Weijian was still chattering, but she didnt respond.

Her face flashed in the night as she drove away from the parking lot.

In another car, Feng Ze sat behind the wheel and watched her drive away.

A layer of frost covered his body, separating him from the others.

But the only person he wanted to approach on his own initiative was getting farther away.

Su Beis car disappeared into the night in the distance, blending into the inky darkness.

She was never to be found again.

Feng Ze pulled out his phone, clicked on his conversation with Su Bei, and typed: [Sorry.]

However, after thinking about it for a moment, he deleted the word and exited the conversation.

What happened between them could not be explained in a few words.

That one word was also meaningless.

The next day, when Su Bei was at home, she received a call from Old Madam Lu.

“Grandma, are you looking for me”

“Su Bei, can we meet” Old Madam Lus tone was pleading.

Su Bei agreed.

She chose a beverage shop downstairs and sent her the address.

Lu Heting went to the company, and Su Bei knew that the person Old Madam Lu wanted to see wasnt her.

However, she pretended not to know and didnt mention this to Lu Heting.

Su Bei arrived first.

She ordered something and waited for Old Madam Lu.

After a while, Old Madam Lu appeared at the door.

Her hair was white, and her back was straight.

There were obvious wrinkles on her face.

She looked a few years older than she looked a while ago.

“Please sit down, Grandma.” Su Bei pulled out a chair for her.

Old Madam Lu thanked her and sat down.

“Wheres Heting”

“In the office.” Su Bei sat down with her.

Old Madam Lu slowly ordered her drink and said, “Ive heard about what happened in the company.

The situation was very dangerous at that time.

It wasnt easy for Heting to dodge the bullet.”

Su Bei smiled and corrected her.

“He didnt dodge the bullet.

He was prepared for danger and difficulties.

Thats why he was able to fight head-on and win.

But it wasnt easy.

After all, no one expected such a situation.

Even now when I think about it, I still have a lingering fear.”

Old Madam Lu could understand Su Beis resentment.

She was indeed wrong in this matter.

If she had not been too soft-hearted and became biased toward Lu Tianci, these things could have been avoided.

However, Su Bei retorted with a smile.

Old Madam Lu could not be angry.

She said, “Su Bei, how about this Have dinner with me and Heting tonight.

I want to talk to him and apologize for my mistake.”

Su Bei stirred the coffee gently with a spoon.

The strong aroma of the coffee entered her nose and was fragrant.

Hearing Old Madam Lus words, she slowly raised her head.

“I dont think we should do this, Grandma.”

“Why” Old Madam Lu felt very guilty toward Lu Heting.

However, she also knew that Lu Heting was cold by nature and might not forgive her easily.

Besides, if she was alone with him, she might not be able to say a lot of things.

That was why she thought of looking for Su Bei to ease their relationship and apologize to Lu Heting.

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