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Chapter 1284: Pursue This For Su BeiTranslator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Lu Heting replied casually.

Han Qingwan was really anxious.

The only thing she had ever insisted on before was regarding Jia Shiyuns matter.

Now, she wanted to pursue this for Su Bei.

When the elevator reached the underground parking lot, Lu Heting stepped out.

Han Qingwan strode out as well.

She stood in front of Lu Heting and said, “Lu Heting! Since youve chosen to be with Su Bei, shouldnt you reflect on your actions for the sake of the two of you and the children”

She knew that falling out with her son like this would only worsen their mother-son relationship.

However, she had to say these words in her heart.

She said anxiously, “Could it be that without me obstructing you and Su Bei, you treat this relationship as nothing and feel that its meaningless Not only do people have to seek excitement, but they also have to be responsible for the choices they make.”

A car stopped in front of the mother and son.

Lu Bei stuck his head out and shouted to Lu Heting, “Hubby!”

Han Qingwan: “”

She turned back and met the drivers eyes.

The man behind the wheel had delicate features and a sweet smile.

‘Did he shout that

Su Bei greeted obediently, “Mom.”

“” Han Qingwans lips twitched.

As expected, she was getting on in years.

She no longer understood the pleasures of youth.

Su Bei opened the door and got out of the car.

Lu Heting pulled her to his side and rubbed her hair.

Su Bei said, “Im here to pick you up.

I even made a lot of delicious dishes.”

“I want to go too.” Lu Weijian rushed over from the elevator.

He was used to seeing Su Bei in mens clothes.

Only then did Han Qingwan realize that an elder like her was probably the only one kept in the dark.

Lu Heting smiled.

“Why are your ears so sharp”

Thinking that she had even invited Lu Weijian, Su Bei said politely, “Mom, do you want to come too”

“Forget it.

You young people can gather by yourselves.

I still have something on.

Ill visit you next time.” She glanced at Lu Weijian.

“Why are you joining in the fun Come home with me for dinner.”

“No, Im going to Big Brothers house.”

Han Qingwan smiled.

“Dont you think youre being a third wheel here”

Lu Weijian shook his head.

“How am I being a third wheel I can help take care of my nephews.”

“Then get in.” Su Bei opened the door.

As Su Bei drove, she was still thinking about what had happened today.

She asked, “Will Lu Tianci and the others cause any more trouble after this”

“They need to have the ability to do it.

This pair of father and son cant do anything,” Lu Weijian said.

“I was scared to death today,” Su Bei said with a smile.

“Theyre really scary when theyre aggressive.”

“Whats there to be afraid of My brother had already planned everything.

In fact, if it werent for Grandma being too soft-hearted and giving the shares to Lu Tianci, my brother wouldnt even need to spend these efforts.

Sigh, sometimes, the people we should guard against are the people closest to us.” Lu Weijian sighed.

Su Bei said, “They still have more than 40% of the shares.

Itll be very troublesome if they cause trouble, right”

“At least half of Lu Yaodes 40% shares were secretly bought by Feng Ze from the secondary market.

They dont belong to him at all, and he doesnt have the ability to buy them.

He thinks highly of himself, but without Feng Ze, hes nothing!” Lu Weijian was full of disdain when he mentioned Lu Yaode.

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