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Chapter 1282: Underestimated That BastardTranslator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Lu Weijian said, “Of course.

You can only enjoy wealth if you follow my brother.”

Lu Heting interrupted him and said, “Lets have a meeting.”

When Lu Yaode went out, he could not control himself and gave Lu Tianci another tight slap.

Lu Tianci covered his face, his eyes red.

He had nothing to say.

This time, not only did he lose the 10% shares, but he even borrowed a lot of money as capital.

He planned to get back what he had lost previously.

Previously, the investor had always said that there was no problem at all.

Now, it seemed that everything had been for naught.

The most urgent problem he faced was the high-interest loan he still had to repay.

Tian Xin hurriedly advised, “Hubby, our son didnt do it on purpose.

He was tricked by Lu Heting.”

Lu Tianci secretly gritted his teeth.

He had originally wanted to rely on these 10% shares to earn more benefits and stabilize his fathers position.

Unexpectedly, he fell into Lu Hetings trap.

No wonder that investor had been perfunctory in his responses to him.

It seemed that the investor had long been bribed by Lu Heting.

Lu Yaode looked up at the sky.

“I really underestimated that bastard.”

After his failure, he no longer had any father-son relationship with Lu Heting.

He said insultingly, “I should have expected it.

When he was so young, he looked at me with evil intentions.

I actually treated him like a little lamb!”

Tian Xin was extremely disappointed, especially when she received Han Qingwans gaze when she left.

That gaze was high and mighty, shattering her dignity.

She hated it.

She was so close to victory, but in the end, it was all for nothing.

But now, with her husband and son in this situation, she had to brace herself to deal with it.

“Hubby, lets run our own company well first.

If we cant do it the first time, therell still be a next time.

This time, we were just short of victory.

There are still many opportunities in the future.”

Lu Yaode had no choice.

Lu Tianqing remained silent.

Many people in her WeChat group were asking how she was doing.

Among the people of He Consortium, her status was the most inconspicuous.

However, if her father became the head of Lu Corporation, she would not be afraid of anyone looking down on her.

The news that she bought four villas as if they were nothing had already been sent to the family group chat, attracting many envious voices.

Many people had already expressed their blessings in advance.

Lu Tianqing also promised everyone that when the villas were renovated, she would invite everyone over.

Now, her father had failed.

She had to gather the credit cards that she had been fanatically swiping recently and give them back to her father.

How could she afford to buy a house

Someone in the family kept tagging her.

[Tianqing, hows the situation When can we go to your new villa to play]


Were all looking forward to it.]

[Also, can we visit Lu Group in the future I heard that the design of that building is very ingenious, but we havent seen it with our own eyes, so we dont know how ingenious it is.

Tianqing, can you show us when the time comes]

[@Tianqing, lets talk about business cooperation.

With you as the channel, we can finally build a relationship with Lu Group.

Ill give you a discount.

Name a price.]

[@Tianqing, if we do business together, everything can be discussed.]

Lu Tianqing pretended to be dead and did not reply.

She took a deep breath.

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