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Chapter 1280: Not EnoughTranslator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Everyone was stunned.

They did not expect that the 10% shares given by Old Madam Lu had not been transferred yet.

However, Lu Tianci was right.

Since they had more shares than Lu Heting, they indeed had the right to change the leader.

The old shareholders nodded.


No one should have any objections to everything now.”

When Lu Yaode thought of this, his expression relaxed.

Tian Xin and Lu Tianqing also heaved a sigh of relief.

Fortunately, although there were twists and turns, they did not fail.

The end result was still good.

“Then, everyone, lets congratulate CEO Lu for becoming the new leader of Lu Group!” An old shareholder extended his hand and made a gesture to welcome Lu Yaode to take over.

At this moment, Lu Heting was helpless.

Everyone had already decided that this was the outcome.

Some people sighed while some laughed.

Su Bei crushed the Coke bottle.

Although she knew that Lu Heting must have a solution, she couldnt help but want to smash their heads.

Lu Yaode stood up, adjusted his clothes, and gestured to everyone.

He was in high spirits.

This position should have been his many years ago.

After more than 20 years, he was finally back!

Tian Xin and Lu Tianqing were also overjoyed.

They looked at Lu Yaode happily and smiled sweetly.

Lu Tianci heaved a long sigh of relief.

Although he was indeed not cautious enough, it was not a big deal.


This position belonged to his father now.

Sooner or later, this position would also be his.

Lu Heting would eventually be excluded from the entire Lu Group.

Lu Yaode walked toward Lu Heting.

“Hold it,” Lu Heting, who had been silent, suddenly said.

His voice was not loud, but it was very clear.

It easily attracted everyones attention.

Lu Yaode stopped in his tracks.

Because he was already the winner, he was especially relaxed and more tolerant of Lu Heting.

He smiled and said, “Heting, so what if you lose to your father Work hard in the future.

As long as youre sensible, I wont make things difficult for you.”

[How shameless.] Lu Weijian and Su Bei typed at the same time.

Lu Heting said calmly, “Mr.

Lu, arent you going to ask me how many shares I have”

His name was Lu Yaode, but he was neither his father nor CEO Lu.

Clearly, Lu Heting did not treat him as a member of the Lu family or Lu Group.

How distant.

Because Lu Yaode looked down on Lu Heting and didnt think that he had any ability, he underestimated Lu Heting.

He smiled and said, “Then how much do you have Show me.”

Lu Hang immediately took out a stack of documents and placed it in front of everyone.

He said, “Mr.

Lu, if you want to be the person in charge, Im afraid youre still lacking in shares.


Lu has 51% of Lu Groups shares!”

“Impossible!” Lu Yaode said immediately.

“The shares of the entire Lu family will only be 51% when combined with yours, but your grandmother has already given 10% to me and Tianci.

Even if you gather more, you wont be able to gather enough!”

Everyone was also surprised, but what Lu Hang took out clearly stated that Lu Heting indeed had 51% of the shares.

He had far more than Lu Yaode!

What the hell was going on

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