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Chapter 1279: Show MeTranslator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

The old shareholders nodded.

“As a member of the Lu family, CEO Lu used to be the backbone of Lu Group.

Its only natural for the people in the Lu family to support him to become the leader.”

“Thats right, I agree with that.

After all, CEO Lu is Mr.

Lus father.

He was overseas previously, but now that hes back in the country and in his prime, theres no reason for his son to be in power.”

Lu Yaode reached out to stop them and said, “Heting, I have 52% of the shares in my hands now.

Actually, 10% was given to me by your grandmother.

As for you, without Grandmas 10%, you should only have 41%, right Even if the other shareholders all support you, you cant be holding more shares than me.

Therefore, leave Lu Group to me.”

Everyone heard that it was indeed someone from the Lu family who had made a choice and given the shares to Lu Yaode.

In that case, what was the point of everyone still fighting for it when even their family had made a choice

The younger shareholders couldnt help but sigh.

They knew better than outsiders how serious the loss of Lu Heting would mean for the group.

At the thought of this, many peoples eyes revealed reluctance and sadness.

The old shareholders were all very excited.

It seemed that Lu Heting was indeed not Lu Yaodes match.

They said, “The important positions in the company have always been occupied by the capable.

Only the capable can give us the best results and make the entire company better.

Therefore, CEO Lus election this time is what everyone wants.”

Lu Hetings expression remained unchanged as he sat calmly in his seat.

On the other hand, Lu Weijian asked on his behalf, “You said that you have 52% of the shares.

Take them out and lets take a look at them.

If I say I hold 100% of the shares, should you nominate me as the leader, then”

Lu Yaode was not so patient with Lu Weijian.

His face darkened as he said, “Tianci, take out the report and show it to them.”

Lu Tianci sorted out the report and felt very depressed.

His fingers felt as if they weighed a thousand kilograms.

“What are you waiting for, son Quickly get it done.” Tian Xin nudged him.


Lu Tianci had no choice but to step forward and raise the report high.

“We do have 52% of the shares, and 10% of it was given to us by my grandmother.

However, the 10% my grandmother gave us is still under a mortgage and cant be taken out.

Therefore, we only have 42% now.”

Lu Yaode was shocked.

“Why are you only saying this now”

Tian Xin and Lu Tianqing also exchanged a look.

They had a bad feeling.

“Dad, I didnt mean to lie to you.

Its just that the shares are a little delayed, so they havent reached me yet,” Lu Tianci said in a low voice.

He turned to the crowd and raised his voice.

“Even if we only have 42%, compared to the total 41% owned by Lu Heting and his family, we still have more.

Therefore, regardless of whether we have the 10% or not, were currently the shareholders with the highest authority.

Everyone, I believe that you have no objections to my father replacing Lu Heting as the leader, right”

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