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“Indeed, 52% of the shares means that CEO Lu has enough authority.

But why do I remember that Mr.

Lu has always held the most shares”

Lu Tianci sat at the side and did not speak.

The 52% that Lu Yaode had mentioned naturally included the 10% he had.

However, he had already lost the 10% shares.

The investor had said that he would earn them back for him, but he had not earned them back until now.

He had even caused him to be in debt.

At this moment, it was not convenient for him to speak.

He could only quickly type and communicate with the investor.

[When will my shares be back]


Lu, are you in a hurry to use them They cant come back now.

Dont be anxious.

I heard about what happened to your Lu family.

Even without your 10%, it doesnt matter, right After all, Lu Heting doesnt have the other 10%, and he only has 41%.

Even if you lose this 10%, you can still win, right”

Neither Lu Yaode nor Lu Heting had the 10% shares.

It was still 42% against 41%.

They indeed had a winning chance.

Although Lu Tianci knew that this was extremely risky, he had no choice but to take things one step at a time.

A shareholder said loudly, “That cant be right.


Lu has 51% while you guys, at most, will only have 49%.

How could you guys have 52%”

Lu Yaode smiled and said, “I bought a lot from some old friends.

Theyre here today to express their support for me.”

At his words, many of the older shareholders raised their hands, indicating that they were now on Lu Yaodes side.

Everyone was surprised.

These old shareholders had just been put in important positions by Lu Heting, but they had already sided with Lu Yaode.

It was really surprising.

They didnt know what magic Lu Yaode had.

Or was it that Lu Heting really couldnt hold on anymore

“But even so, it cant be 52%, right Where did the extra shares come from” Lu Weijian couldnt help but shout.

Su Bei looked at the video and couldnt help but feel worried.

Lu Yaode and his son had used all kinds of methods during this period of time.

Lu Heting was in the light while they were in the dark.

It was really impossible to guard against them.

Everything in front of her worried her.

She unscrewed a bottle of Coke and took two gulps.

The shareholders were whispering to each other.

Lu Weijians question also attracted everyones attention.

“Thats right.

Even so, its impossible for you to have gotten 52%.

CEO Lu, do you have any explanation” Some shareholders who supported Lu Heting asked directly.

Lu Heting didnt say anything.

Among the shareholders present, the younger ones generally supported Lu Heting.

He was tough and could keep up with the trends.

He handled all kinds of things with ease and had long surpassed his seniors.

Whether it was his horizons or his ability to act, he was a good role model.

However, some old shareholders who were old-fashioned couldnt stand Lu Hetings actions, especially those who had a lot of opinions about Lu Heting.

The incident with Lu Bei last time had also become their trigger.

Immediately, an old shareholder stood up and said, “Since CEO Lu can take out 52% of the shares, the matter is very clear.

This means that there are people in the Lu family who are using their shares to support CEO Lus career.

The people in the Lu family are all supporting CEO Lu, so it can be seen how popular he is, right”

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