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Lu Heting looked back at him indifferently.

It was the kind of indifference that said,Who are you and why should I care about you It was mixed with a little disdain and disgust.

This glance immediately reminded Lu Yaode of the way Lu Heting had looked at him when he was young.

His heart turned cold.

He thought to himself,I was really led astray by Han Qingwan.

I shouldnt have had any hope for him.

His feelings of love for his son evaporated.

Lu Yaode and the others sat down.

Then, there was a discussion about special matters.

The atmosphere seemed harmonious, but in fact, there was tension in the air.

The tension was palpable.

Su Bei could feel the tension through the screen.

Lu Heting was obviously confident about this shareholders meeting.

But even if he was prepared, how could Su Bei not be worried

She stared at the screen without blinking.

Lu Weijian wanted her to see the full view, so the camera was always on Lu Yaode.

Su Bei typed: [Mr.

Weijian, can you aim the camera at Lu Heting Im not in the mood to look at others.]

[Okay, okay, okay.

I really cant stand you.] Lu Weijian aimed the camera at Lu Heting and fixed it.

As if knowing what Lu Weijian was doing, when the camera was pointed at Lu Heting, he smiled at the camera.

Su Beis heart melted.

Why did he have to be so handsome

Lu Yaode was talking about serious matters.

Seeing Lu Heting suddenly smile, he couldnt help but smile as well.

‘I was right.

What kind of big responsibility can he take

Actually, he knew how much Lu Heting had done over the years.

But hed never believed in that and stubbornly stuck to his guns.

In addition, later on, Tian Xin goaded Lu Heting to assign some important positions to a few old shareholders.

Hence, Lu Yaode believed in his own point of view even more.

He ignored everything the others said.

At this critical moment, Lu Heting was still smiling.

How could he have such a son

“Heting, since weve already come to this, I wont beat about the bush.

Lets get straight to the point.

Since all the shareholders are here today, lets re-elect the person in charge again,” Lu Yaode said.

As soon as he said this, although everyone had a premonition, they could not help but be shocked and start discussing.

Lu Yaode stood up.

“Im of the Lu family bloodline and also Lu Hetings father.

Im qualified to compete with him, right”

No one objected.

“Of course.

Lu Group was founded by the Lu family back then.

Everyone in the Lu family has such qualifications.”

However, the majority still stood on Lu Hetings side.

“However, Mr.

Lu has worked hard for Lu Group for so many years.

His ability is obvious to all.

Its not good to replace him, right”

Lu Yaode smiled.

“Its not that simple.

Lu Group has a rule that the person in charge not only needs everyones support but it also has to be the person with the most shares in hand.

I wont say much.

Now, I already have 52% of the shares.

Heting, I want to ask you, how many do you have”

“Ah 52%” Someone exclaimed.

“Thats indeed enough.

I remember that Old Master Lus and his familys shares combined only make up 51%.”

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