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Lu Yaode and Tian Xin appeared together.

When they stepped into the conference room, Han Qingwan looked over.

Initially, she thought that her heart was as still as water.

However, this look once again evoked all her feelings.

The sincerity she had given in the past had been trampled to pieces.

She thought that she had forgotten this heartbreaking feeling.

Now, it was vividly evoked again.

She remembered the heartache she had felt when she took her son and waited day and night for her husband to change his mind.

Even though she had long ago given up hope for this man, how could she easily forget the pain she had gone through

Tian Xin also saw Han Qingwan at a glance.

It was different from what she had imagined.

Han Qingwan was not as haggard as she thought.

She had a graceful and noble aura on her body, revealing her calmness.

It was the kind of calmness that came from living in a wealthy family.

Compared to Han Qingwan, she felt uneasy.

She straightened her neck slightly and adjusted her smile to its best state.

So what if she was uneasy now When the meeting started, she would be the official Mrs.


She would be the elegant one.

She smiled at Han Qingwan.

Han Qingwan pinched her palm gently.

If this woman hadnt been her best friend and if she hadnt treated her so well back then, she might have felt better.

However, it just so happened that not only did she help this woman a lot, but the person who had hurt her the most in her life was also the person she trusted the most.

Su Bei didnt go to the scene.

Instead, Lu Weijian was responsible for reporting the scene to her.

Lu Weijian took a video and said, “Look, Tian Xin is so smug.

Those who dont know might think that shes the real wife.

I wonder where she got her shamelessness from.”

“How long can she be smug” Su Bei said.

“Im afraid shes going to leave in disappointment today.”

“Sigh, let me tell you.

The phrasefire, thieves, and best friends is really the essence.

Tian Xin was my mothers best friend in the past.

My mother even spent money to support her career.

My mother contributed greatly to her getting the Best Actress Award.

However, in the end, she snatched my father away and left the three of us behind.

If my gaze were a knife, Id have stabbed a hundred holes in the two of them.”

Lu Weijian still addressed Han Qingwan as his mother.

They had a deep relationship.

“Look, she still has the cheek to smile at us innocently.” Lu Weijian pointed the camera at Tian Xin and showed it to Su Bei.

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Su Bei glanced at the four people who were satisfied.

It seemed that they had indeed come prepared.

Seeing Lu Weijian recording her, Tian Xin wasnt angry.

Instead, she gave him a magnanimous smile.

Lu Weijian rolled his eyes at her.

This was the first time Lu Yaode had seen his biological son, Lu Heting, with his own eyes.

Of course, he had seen Lu Heting when he was young, but he had long forgotten him.

He had only seen Lu Hetings appearance in photos.

The son in front of him was taller than he had imagined.

His facial features were far more handsome than Lu Tiancis.

This made Lu Yaode feel a trace of guilt and love.

Although his heart was already with Tian Xin, Lu Heting was still his biological son, after all.

He was no exception to that sentiment.

“Heting,” Lu Yaode called emotionally.

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