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Lu Tianqing smiled.

“Finally, this day has come.

This is what I should have enjoyed when I was born.

Its not too late for me to get everything that even Lu Weijian can enjoy.”

Her lips curved as she toyed with the diamond ring on her finger and stared at her gorgeous face in the mirror.

It wasnt too late.

The shareholders meeting was officially held.

All the shareholders were present.

They sat in their seats and chatted softly.

Everyone was really uncertain about the situation today.

Logically speaking, Lu Yaode was Lu Hetings father, so it seemed logical for him to manage Lu Group.

However, everyone had been with Lu Heting for more than ten years and had long believed in his various abilities.

Lu Yaodes interference made them a little worried.

However, in the end, this was the Lu familys matter.

Even if everyone had all kinds of thoughts, they could only suppress them in their hearts for the time being.

When Lu Heting appeared, the discussion suddenly quieted down.

His expression was calm, and there was nothing odd about him.

His tall figure was wrapped in fitting clothes.

He strode forward and sat down at the head of the table.

The people following him were Han Qingwan and Lu Weijian.

Old Master Lu and Old Madam Lu had not participated in the companys affairs for many years, and they did not appear today as well.

Outside the door, Lu Yaode appeared at the right time.

Even though he was in his 50s, he had taken good care of himself and still looked young.

His refined temperament had the unique charm of a middle-aged and mature man.

On his arm was Tian Xins hand.

As the movie queen of the past, Tian Xins appearance was still very good.

She carried her luxurious branded bag and walked over in high heels.

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Lu Tianqing and Lu Tianci followed behind them.

When the staff in the lobby saw them appear, they couldnt help but stop and stare.

Tian Xin was quite proud of all of this.

Although it was not often that someone dared to mention the identity of a mistress in front of her, it was indeed a stone that weighed on her heart, making it difficult for her to rest and breathe all day.

She was clearly the one who was loved.

Just because Han Qingwan appeared first and got to know Lu Yaode first, she had to continue carrying this reputation.

How could she be willing

After today, Lu Yaode would be in charge, and she would become Mrs.


History was written by the victors.

Who would remember that Han Qingwan was the real Mrs.


As she walked over, she frequently glanced at the people around her.

In the future, these people would all be under her control.

Naturally, she had to have a good reputation for being amiable.

The four of them entered the elevator.

The staff in the lobby couldnt help but whisper, “Is that Mr.

Lus father, CEO Lu I didnt expect him to be so handsome at such an old age.

The children born to CEO Lu are also quite good-looking.

I wonder if theyre here to compete with Mr.

Lu for the family assets”

“Come on, who can compete with Mr.

Lu I still think highly of Mr.


After all, in terms of handsomeness, Mr.

Lu can still beat them.”

“Thats true.

But I wonder who will win Its really hard to feel at ease.”

“You should be concerned about whether youll be able to pay off your mortgage this month.

Do you think you can worry about the higher-ups now”

“I cant even talk about it”

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