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Sheng Xiaotang smiled and said, “Sister Tianqing, if you want to buy a villa, let me introduce you to a good place.

Recently, the villa area in the city center is open for purchase.

That location is the best in the entire S Country.

Its quiet in the midst of all the hubbub, and the environment is very good.

The geographical location is also especially superior.

Although its in the city center, its completely quiet as if its in a forest.

Moreover, there are mountains, flowers, and trees.

And the price is very affordable.

A single villa only costs 300 to 500 million yuan.

With your background, its not a problem to buy a few villas.”

Lu Tianqing was indeed very tempted.

She had been developing her career in T Country previously and had not done much in S Country.

Since she was going to live in the capital in the future, she naturally had to buy a few more houses.

Moreover, her father was about to become the head of Lu Group.

The place where they lived naturally had to match her fathers status.

“Lets go there.” Lu Tianqing was tempted.

Sheng Xiaotang said, “Alright.

Theres no need to provide an address.

Just go straight to the city center.

If you live in that location, its as though youre the queen looking down at all her subjects.”

Lu Tianqing was very satisfied with this statement.

“Thank you for your blessings.”

“Speaking of which, my father actually has an interest in this place.

However, although the location is good, there arent many houses available for purchase.

After all, only a few houses were built.

You have to find connections to buy houses there.

With my familys wealth, we have no hopes of buying a house there.

Therefore, I think only you can buy houses in that area.”

A trace of arrogance appeared on Lu Tianqings face.

Sheng Xiaotang was right.

When her father became the head of Lu Group, only her family was qualified to buy the houses in that area.

She and Sheng Xiaotang soon arrived at the place.

When the reception staff saw them appear, they quickly recognized them.

They were very enthusiastic and came up to greet them.

Tea, coffee, and fruits were quickly served.

The staff member drove a special tram and accompanied them to look at the houses and explained everything in detail.

Lu Tianqing had seen enough and called Tian Xin.

When Tian Xin heard that such a good place existed, she smiled.

“Theres such a good house”

“Thats right.

Dad will be in charge of the company soon, so we definitely cant live casually in the future.

We have to live in a house that matches Dads identity, so I want to give him a better one.

At the same time, we have to pay more attention to our privacy and taste.

Otherwise, itll be embarrassing for the head of Lu Group.”

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Tian Xin smiled happily.

Lu Tianqings words made sense.

She said, “Then look around more.

If possible, buy a few more houses.

You and your brother can each have one.

Even if you dont stay there in the future, its good to keep them.”

“Yes, then Ill confirm it as soon as possible.”

Lu Tianqing put down the phone and asked for the price.

The staff member said awkwardly, “Actually, our villas arent for sale.”

“Why did you show me around if youre not selling them Just tell me the price.

If its suitable, Ill buy four villas,” Lu Tianqing said.

This generosity frightened the staff member, and they quickly went to ask their manager.

Sheng Xiaotang gasped.

“Sister Tianqing, are you really going to buy so many Although this money is nothing to you, its too much.”

“Since I like it, then Ill buy it.

If I can afford it, then Ill buy it.

Is there a problem” Lu Tianqing asked.

“No problem, no problem at all.” Even a rich young lady like Sheng Xiaotang was also shocked by Lu Tianqings spending.

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