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The shareholders meeting was about to take place.

Old Madam Lu was still waiting for Lu Tianci to return the shares.

In fact, Lu Tianci did not even pick up the phone.

This made Old Madam Lu anxious.

However, Old Master Lu, Han Qingwan, and the others were also very anxious at this moment, so no one suspected anything.

Lu Yaode woke up early in the morning.

He was wearing a custom-made suit and stood in front of the mirror, looking exceptionally energetic.

As Tian Xin helped him tie his bow tie, she said, “Hubby, tomorrow will definitely be fine.

Were all ready.

Youve been in the industry for so many years.”

“It wont be a problem.” Lu Yaode held her hand.

“Its been hard on you to follow me all these years.

But after this, Ill definitely give you everything I promised you.”

“Actually, these arent what I want the most.

What I want the most is to be with you until my hair turns white.

With you around, I really dont want anything else,” Tian Xin said gently.

“I never chose to be with you for wealth or fame.

I chose you because of you.”

Lu Yaode was very touched.

“Even if you dont want those things, its my duty to give them to you.”

Tian Xin was even gentler than before.

“Hubby, actually, it hasnt been easy for Qingwan and Heting all these years.

When you become the person in charge, give Heting a chance.

After all, hes your son.

All these years, Ive indeed let them down.”

Lu Yaode sighed and said, “Youre really too kind.

The mother and son hate you so much.

Previously, Han Qingwan even embarrassed you in public and made Tiancis movie unable to be released.

She even slandered you in the media, but you keep speaking up for them.

Youll suffer for your kindness.”

“Sigh, its a blessing to suffer losses.

Besides, Qingwan was my good friend back then.

If it werent because I was unable to control my feelings for you and if I hadnt gotten to know you better than she did or let her down, we wouldnt have ended up like this.

Just promise me that youll at least treat them well in the future, okay”

Lu Yaode was really touched by her.

It had been so many years, but Tian Xin was still so kind and generous.

She never thought about herself and always thought about others.

How could Lu Yaode not be infatuated with such a woman

He nodded.

“Ill naturally agree to your requests.

Its just that that unfilial son didnt learn well and actually fooled around with men.

When the time comes, Ill definitely teach him well.

I must straighten him up.”

“Of course.

Only a strict father like you can educate sensible children.

Educating him is also for his own good.” Tian Xin smiled, but she knew that when the time came, there would be many conflicts between the pair of father and son.

She just had to sit back and watch.

Anyway, none of this fire could reach her.

Lu Tianqing had been buying things very freely these past few days.

Before this, she was already especially generous with her spending.

Recently, she didnt even take money seriously.

The entire Lu family was rich and powerful, so it was no problem for them to satisfy her expenses.

Moreover, she earned a lot of money herself and had the support of He Consortium.

After shopping at the mall, she spent eight figures in one go.

Still not satisfied, she said to the driver, “Lets go see some villas.

By the way, Xiaotang, do you have any good recommendations for villas”

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