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With his words, Old Madam Lu was finally relieved.

Seeing that the child was worth teaching, she said sincerely, “Tianci, its not that I dont dote on you and dont want to let you take charge of the company.

Its just that the huge Lu Group is related to the survival of hundreds of thousands of people and the stability of many industries.

I dont want to see any chaos.

“What should be given to you will be given to you.

Your grandfather and I will not be biased in the future.

Dont fight with Heting and let the third party benefit from the situation.

Do you understand”

Lu Tianci pretended to agree.

“Dont worry, I wont do that kind of thing.

Im a member of the Lu family, so I want to see the Lu family harmonious too.

Grandma, take care of yourself.”

‘Otherwise, you wont be able to witness the day I reclaim all the power.

Lu Tiancis words were pleasant to hear.

Old Madam Lu was finally at peace again.

As long as she got all the shares back, Lu Tianci and his son would not pose a strong threat to Lu Heting even if they held a shareholders meeting.

Therefore, Old Madam Lu didnt have to worry about letting Lu Heting down.

After Old Madam Lu left, Lu Tianci said impatiently, “Old witch, you only know how to be biased.

You want to get back your shares Dream on!”

Annoyed, he opened his phone and glanced at it.

He kept sending messages on WeChat.

Now, it wasnt just a question of whether he wanted to return the shares or not.

He also needed to get back what he had invested.

Ever since he got the shares, he had used them to start doing business in an attempt to reap huge benefits.

However, the truth was that the investment market was not easy to play around with.

There were risks to investing.

Now, his 10% shares were all thrown into the market without earning him any money.

He had borrowed a lot of money to recoup his losses.

But the more he borrowed, the more he lost.

Even if he wanted to return the shares to Old Madam Lu, he had nothing to return.

He put the call through to the investor.

“Will these shares of mine really be returned to me in three days”

“If you do it my way, theyll definitely come back.

And theyll come back twice as fast.” The voice on the other end of the line was very confident.

Lu Tianci snorted.

“As long as I get my things back, I wont think about doubling them.

You have to make sure that my shares can be returned!”

“Definitely!” The man on the other end was very solemn.

There was no hesitation.

Lu Tianci was slightly relieved.

He had even kept this from his parents and sister.

Anyway, the shares would be back in two days.

It wouldnt affect the shareholders meeting.

There was no need to worry too much.

After a while, Lu Yaode called.

“Tianci, your shares are ready, right When the time comes, well have more shares than Lu Heting.

With the support of those shareholders, our authority will be higher than Lu Hetings, and we can remove him from his position.”

“Dad, dont worry.

Everything is ready,” Lu Tianci said.

Lu Yaode nodded in satisfaction.

“Alright, conserve your energy for the next few days.

Get ready.”

Lu Hang put away his phone and said to Lu Heting, “Mr.

Lu, everything on Lu Tiancis side is in the plan.”

“Follow the plan.” Lu Heting rubbed his eyebrows.

Ever since Lu Yaode returned, he had never let his guard down around the father and son.

Now, it was finally time for a head-on confrontation.

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