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After thinking for a while, she decided to call Lu Tianci.

Having already done something wrong, she intended to remedy it now.

Lu Tianci picked up after a long time.

“Tianci, lets meet,” Old Madam Lu said.

Old Madam Lu took a car and arrived at the agreed place.

When Lu Tianci entered, he looked a little haggard.

He did not look like he was about to hold a shareholders meeting.

Instead, he seemed to have been angered by something and was restraining his emotions.

At this moment, Old Madam Lu was no longer in the mood to care about his mood.

She said, “Tianci, tell me honestly.

At the shareholders meeting, are you and your father planning to remove Heting from his position as the head of Lu Group”

Lu Tianci didnt avoid her question and said, “Now that things have come to this, Im not afraid to tell you the truth.

Grandma, Lu Group doesnt just belong to Lu Heting alone.

My father and I both have the surname Lu, and we have the blood of you and Grandpa flowing in our veins.

Since Lu Heting has a share of Lu Group, we should also have a share, right This is very normal, right You wont be biased toward Lu Heting alone, right”

“Your grandfather and I will definitely leave your share to you.

But you cant touch the entire Lu Group!”

Lu Tianci smiled.

“Grandma, of course, I know youre kind.

But we also want to help you build and take care of the Lu Corporation.

My father and I didnt do anything wrong, right If we really didnt care about your feelings and werent filial, we wouldnt be in a hurry to take on such a responsibility.”

At such a time, Lu Tianci was still saying such dignified words.

Old Madam Lu finally understood that Lu Tianci and Lu Yaode had come prepared.

From the moment they returned, they had decided to snatch the huge Lu Group away from them.

She had really underestimated them.

“Tianci, you and your father cant afford to take on the huge Lu Group.

I advise you to do your own jobs well.

Heting has never hated you, so dont ask for trouble.

This is also my advice to you.

Itll be a huge blow to the entire family and business.

I dont want to see such a thing happen between you and Heting.”

Lu Tianci looked like he had been taught a lesson, but he didnt relent at all.

“Grandma, dont worry.

Even if Dad and I are back in power, well arrange a good position for Lu Heting.

We definitely wont do anything to him just because of jealousy.”

“In that case, I wont say anything more,” Old Madam Lu said.

“I hope you can return the shares I transferred to you previously.”

When Lu Tianci heard this, his expression darkened.

He cursed the old witch in his heart and sat up straight.

“Grandma, why would you ask that Im also your grandson.

Shares are useful to the market now.

Besides, I cant return them all to you in such a short time.”

“How long will it take for you to return them” Old Madam Lu asked.

Lu Tianci had no intention of returning them at all.

However, he did not want to completely fall out with Old Madam Lu, so he said perfunctorily, “Ill definitely return them to you before the shareholders meeting.

Dont tell anyone first.

Ill definitely prepare all the procedures and bring my lawyer to see you and return the shares to you.”

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