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“Shes just being kind,” Su Bei said after she went out.

Lu Heting stopped in his tracks.

“I dont mind whatever they say about me.”

He reached out and ruffled her hair with his palm.

She blinked and reached out her fingers to clasp them around his fingers.

On Lu Yaodes side.

As he was a legitimate member of the Lu family and also Old Master Lus son, coupled with the support of some people in Lu Group, he called for a general shareholders meeting.

This meeting had always been a very important meeting.

The decision to remove the person in charge would also happen at a shareholders meeting.

With Lu Hetings status in Lu Group, it had been more than ten years since the head of the group had been dismissed from his post.

But this time, Lu Yaode was aggressive.

“Bastard!” Old Master Lu slammed the table in anger.

“Hes really rebelling! If it werent for him, Lu Group wouldnt have fallen apart.

Now, hes going to do it again!”

Lu Heting said calmly, “Since he insists, Ill fight him.”

“Heting, you have to know that now that he has already said that he wants to hold a shareholders meeting.

Who knows how many moves he has made in private Do you know his current situation” Old Master Lu asked.

“Dont worry, Grandpa.

I wont let him do what he wants.”

Old Master Lu took a deep look at his grandson standing in front of him.

This was the successor he was most satisfied with.

All these years, Lu Heting had indeed supported the entire company.

He said, “In that case, Im relieved.

Your father is ambitious but weak.

Hes strong on the outside but weak on the inside.

He cant be of much use.

He has some ability to do things in the company, but hes not qualified to take charge of the entire company.

You have to remember that there are hundreds of thousands of people in Lu Group.

They are all waiting to support their families.

Their future is in your hands.

You cant lose this time.”

“I understand.” Lu Heting nodded.

He came out of Old Master Lus study.

Downstairs, Old Madam Lu and Han Qingwan looked at him worriedly, especially Old Madam Lu.

Previously, she had given all her shares to Lu Tianci.

She had always felt guilty about this, but she didnt dare to mention it to Lu Heting.

However, she did not expect Lu Yaode to hold a shareholders meeting at such a time.

At such meetings, the number of shares one held determined how much authority one had.

Wasnt Lu Heting in the limelight now

Lu Heting came down the stairs.

Every step he took seemed to step on Old Madam Lus heart.

Her eyes were filled with guilt and regret, but when she looked at her god-like grandson, she pursed her lips and could not say a word.

“When is the meeting” Han Qingwan asked.

Han Qingwan said, “If theres anything you need me to do, just tell me.”

Lu Heting nodded.

“I will.”

After Lu Heting left, Old Madam Lu still didnt say a word.

“Mom, you dont look too good.

Are you okay” Han Qingwan noticed her abnormality and asked with concern.

“Im fine.” Old Madam Lus eyes were evasive.

When she returned to her room, Old Madam Lu felt that something was wrong.

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