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Su Bei took the bottle back and looked at the half-empty bottle of Coke.

She sighed.

Sigh, she had chosen her husband.

What could she do She would just spoil him, then.

She took two large gulps.

The cool liquid poured down her throat and finally soothed her broken heart.

She was about to take a third sip when her phone rang.

She put it on speaker.


“Its me.” The voice on the other end was gentle and firm.

It was Tang Xinrus voice that she had not heard in a long time.

Su Bei said happily, “President Tang, why are you looking for me”

Tang Xinru laughed.

“Is it so difficult for you to call me Sister”

“Sister…” Su Bei changed the way she addressed her.

Only then did Tang Xinru say seriously, “Whats going on between you and Lu Heting”

“What do you mean What happened” Su Bei didnt understand.

“Weve all seen the scandal between him and Lu Bei.

Everyone is worried about you.”

Su Beis lips twitched slightly.

It was indeed difficult to explain in a few words, and it was difficult to say over the phone.

Tang Xinru said, “Does Lu Heting like women or both men and women Su Bei, I know you have your own opinions and dont need anyone to worry about you.

But your relationship with Lu Heting is really dangerous.”

“Sister, listen to me…” Su Bei glanced at Lu Heting who was driving and tried to explain.

Lu Hetings expression changed slightly.

However, Tang Xinru was really worried this time.

She didnt give her a chance to explain at all.

“Su Bei! You dont have to help him clarify.

If hes gay, then hell definitely betray your marriage seeing as how he even hid this from you.

I dont deny that sexual orientation is ones private matter, but if he chose to be with you even though he knows that he likes men, then hes a scumbag who will betray his marriage!

“If he likes both men and women, but hes dating someone else while dating you, hes still a scumbag!”

The person who had been called a scumbag repeatedly gripped the steering wheel with both hands, and his expression turned a few degrees colder.

However, Su Bei couldnt interrupt at all.

She quickly turned off the speaker.

Even so, Tang Xinrus words continued.

“Su Bei, its possible hes only using you as a cover to hide the fact that he likes men.

Are you only in a contractual relationship with him Although I can somewhat accept this, I still think its very risky.

After all, its a fact that hes good-looking and outstanding.

Im afraid that youll fall in love with him even if youre just in a contractual relationship.

If that happens, youll also be in danger, silly girl.

“Besides, youre also good-looking and outstanding.

What if he also has feelings for you but cant be responsible for you”

Tang Xinrus heart truly ached for Su Bei, so after knowing about the matter, she felt uneasy.

In addition, Old Master Tang had also asked her to help inquire about the situation.

Therefore, Tang Xinru had really thought a lot over the past two days.

The thoughts in her mind far exceeded what she said.

She had come up with a ton of scripts and thought of all kinds of possible situations.

The more she thought about it, the more uneasy she felt.

“Su Bei, no matter what, that man is dangerous.

I think you need to stay away from him—completely and utterly.”

“Sister, the truth is not what you think.”

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