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Su Bei was surprised.

“Such a thing happened”

“If the matter hadnt blown up, I wouldnt have come to find you,” Han Qingwan said.

“Hetings actions have already caused a huge conflict.

If I dont interfere, Im afraid something will happen.”

Su Bei said, “I believe he has his own reasons for doing all this.

Even if we cant figure it out at the moment, theres no need to doubt him.”

Han Qingwan said, “Its a good thing that you believe him.

But arent you worried at all Dont you want to know what Tian Xin said”

“If he wanted to tell me, he would have told me himself.

He didnt tell me, so he didnt think it was necessary.” Su Bei smiled.

Han Qingwan could tell that Su Bei didnt intend to meddle in this matter, nor would she help ask Lu Heting about it.

Han Qingwan sighed.

This might be the main reason why she and Su Bei were unable to be as close as mother and daughter.

“If something really happens, dont regret it.” With that, Han Qingwan took her bag and left.

Su Bei thought for a moment and said, “I wont regret it.”

It was because Lu Heting would never do anything that would make her regret it.

In this world, she trusted this man the most.

He had said that he would protect her and the two munchkins for the rest of his life, so he would definitely not let anything bad happen.

After returning home, Su Bei saw that Lu Hetings expression was normal.

It was the kind of normal expression that was not fake.

She reached out her arms and hugged him gently.

“Are you tired” she asked simply.

“No.” Lu Heting buried his head in her shoulder.

Even so, Su Bei still massaged his shoulders.

Lu Hetings dry and warm palm covered the back of her hand.

“Youre tired too.

Theres no need.”

“Ive only been to one event in the last few days, thats all,” Su Bei said with a smile.

“I even had Aunt Chen pick up some groceries for me.

Ill cook something nice for you later.

Close your eyes.”

Lu Heting closed his eyes obediently, but the smile on his lips remained.

As the matter between Lu Heting and Lu Bei had been exposed on the internet, when Su Bei was free to go out and play, she would go out with Lu Heting while dressed in a male outfit.

It was great to be open about things.

Even if she was photographed, there was no need to explain further.

In that case, no one would ever think of her.

It seemed that being exposed wasnt entirely a bad thing.

Moreover, the paparazzi and reporters were sometimes quite strange.

When the truth was exposed, their desire to capture them on camera was not as strong.

Perhaps the next time their strong desire to follow them would be ignited was when Lu Heting broke up with Lu Bei or when Lu Heting was with someone else.

Su Bei was wearing mens clothes and a baseball cap.

After buying a bottle of Coke, she happily got into Lu Hetings car.

“Im thirsty too,” Lu Heting said.

Su Bei unscrewed the cap and gave it to him.

Lu Heting drank half of it in one go.

Su Bei watched as the Coke entered his mouth.

His Adams apple bobbed, and his perfect Adams apple gulped the Coke bit by bit.

Boo-hoo, she was only allowed to buy one bottle each time.

After buying it, he said that he was thirsty.

Su Bei knew that he didnt want her to drink too much, but she was still worried that he was really thirsty and couldnt bear to not let him drink it.

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