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“Hubby, I have my ways and want to share your burden,” Tian Xin said with a smile.

“You should have a share in Lu Group.

However, as your son, Lu Heting doesnt care about you at all.

I really cant stand it anymore.

Just let me do something for you.”

Lu Yaode asked, “What are you going to do”

“Im just trying my best to persuade him.

Theres nothing else I can do,” Tian Xin evaded.

Seeing that she was docile and loved him the most, Lu Yaode nodded in agreement.

“But you have to be careful.”

“I will, hubby,” Tian Xin said gently.

She would definitely do her best in this matter.

Whether she could help Lu Yaode or not was a small matter, but if she got the family business, it would belong to Lu Tianci.

This was enough for her to put in all her effort.

Lu Heting didnt agree to meet Tianxin.

When the call reached Lu Hang, it was intercepted.

Tian Xin didnt even have a chance to talk to Lu Heting directly.

However, Lu Heting still had to participate in social and business activities.

Tian Xin still found a way to spend more than half an hour alone with him.

No one knew what Tian Xin had said in the past half hour.

But the next day, Lu Heting gave the important positions and decisions in the company to the old shareholders who were no longer important.

This caused an uproar in the company.

Because it was obvious that this was a very stupid decision.

They wondered why Lu Heting did this.

However, he had always been firm.

Although the others had objections, they did not dare to refute him.

Even so, the dissatisfied voices in the company gradually increased.

Lu Yaode really did not expect Tian Xin to have such an ability.

“How did you do it”

“I just slandered these people in front of him.

I didnt expect it to work,” Tian Xin said.

Lu Yaode nodded.

“Thats true.

All these years, if it werent for my father supporting the company, the company might not have been able to develop as much as it has now.

After all, Lu Heting is still young and impetuous.

Its easy for him to lose his rationality and be biased.

Its really not appropriate to let him manage Lu Group.

Its really not a matter of age.”

Tian Xin smiled.

“Of course.

All of this should have been yours.”

She played with her ring for a moment.

Just to be sure, she took it off and put it in the safe.

She wouldnt use it again, and she didnt want anyone to discover her secret.

As for Lu Group, the matter also attracted Han Qingwans attention.

Lu Heting had made an unusual decision, which made her very worried.

However, when she called Lu Heting, his attitude was as usual.

He was very respectful to her, but he didnt tell Han Qingwan his plans.

When Su Bei received Han Qingwans call, she had just come out of an event.

She found Han Qingwans car and followed her to a clubhouse.

“So, what can I do for you” she asked.

“Youve heard about the matter with Lu Group, havent you”

“I dont know what youre referring to.

I dont usually interfere in work matters, nor do I pry,” Su Bei said honestly.

Han Qingwan said, “You really dont know anything Previously, Tian Xin met Heting.

After Heting returned, he gave away important positions to the people who shouldnt be given important positions and dismissed the positions of some people who shouldnt be dismissed from their positions.”

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